Nfrastructure with 4.4,.

Mccunn: Carnevale, ‘wp_head’ was the hook

Liebig: Developerjustin: well to be honestly you wouldn’t know if ‘API” wordpress page has this issue because you’re not doing a new WP_Query

Urlaub: Carnevale, also, I didn’t determine – i read the code and saw what it’s doing.

Arkell: My solution was in opsec’s answer – i needed to add the priority argument.

Quach: Guimares: so far I’ve only seen it on this page v1. But, the issue that I reported on the trac is similar but in the admin dashboard. post_type is changed to ‘any’

Gardemal: CrowX-: note that if you made a change to a plugin file that file will be overwrittenwhen you update that plugin next time

Rivett: Yeah, thanks. i won’t update it :

Gilfillan: Fork it or get the author to include your changes in the next update

Reutzel: Developerjustin: i am going to go out on a limb and suggest that there is some other code intervening here. I dont think trac is the right place to put this error as it’s not a care bug

Gilfillan: CrowX-: not a solution. ;

Callendar: CrowX-: thats a stoopid idea

Mintreas: Opsec, i know, i know

Gilfillan: Poor logic in lieu of actually doing things correctly ;

Colonnese: Developerjustin: do you have any code in either a custom plugin OR your functions.php that uses pre_get_posts ?

Poliks: Guimares: I think that may have been it. One second. Triple checking.

Fricker: Guimares: that was it. Someone had added a call to add tag support to ‘pages’

Hal: Guimares: sorry to both you with this. Thanks for the help!

Mainard: Developerjustin: if it is it please make sure to close your trac ticket and try not to post trac tickets until you can verify it’s a CORE bug/

Snively: Guimares: definitely. deleting now.

Treichler: Developerjustin: use the WP support forums or come here if you have a problem with a custom install of WP. If you THINK you might have found a core bug you can come here and feel it out and see what others think.

Pittman: Developerjustin: for there to be a bug in the core THIS huge and no one having seen it yet would be surprising.

Kibler: Guimares: I should have done that in the first place. thanks again for the help

Fail: Developerjustin: also. all of this said. I would look in to NOT using empty WordPress pages at all in general for your endpoints. There are better ways to do it

Blaskovich: Guimares: anything specific that you would recommend?

Faggins: Developerjustin: you can use rewrite rules to create your permalink to the API and then if you need to load a specific file then you can do locate_template but you probably don’t even have to do that since you’re only serving up results of code

Nodland: Developerjustin: template_redirect i think is what you want to use to redirect the endpoint to a function rather than a file

Malo: Developerjustin:

Ausby: Guimares: this will be a lot more elegant. Thanks!

Dinwoodie: Developerjustin: i’ve done and am currently doing a lot with JSON endpoints and WP lately

Piening: Developerjustin: you should also know that WordPress has it’s own API these days

Shoulder: Developerjustin:

Sterk: Developerjustin: Google result for WordPress WP API –

Hoerr: Developerjustin:

Schumer: Guimares: oh, nice. I figured there was something like that in the core somewhere. In this case, the contractor provided the spec so I’m mainly mapping meta

Sachez: Developerjustin: it will be in core starting with 4.4 wordpress-rest-api-is-one-major-step-closer-to-being-merged-into-core">

Roeber: I thought first phase was internal api only

Boyar: Haaga: endpoints will be merged in 4.5

Sachez: Nfrastructure with 4.4, endpoints with 4.6 5 the tl;dr version is at