Guimares, opsec’s solution.

Richarson: Kingfisher64, gettext is CaSe SeNsItIvE — partly is my fault i should have known bc i deal with woo so much heh.

Eadie: Guimares: one sec, team meeting

Gilfillan: Why do people regularly come in for help, engage someone, then wander off like their time the helper is worthless?

Bowlet: Developerjustin: why can’t you tell me that! Seriously dude! WTF

Oleson: Opsec: Because they aren’t paying for it.

Tubeszewski: Just a quick ‘sorry gotta bounce out for a second. ”

Walkington: I mean seriously. So rude

Gilfillan: Lyssa_: yep, no value ***igned.

Sell: Guimares: Sorry about that, wasn’t really expecting it.

Marca: No worries Richarson it’s fixed now, very handy to have that snippet, saved it.

Shupert: Guimares: yes, there is a page called API and then a child page called V1 this one

Baumberger: Developerjustin: doesnt take long to say “sorry gotta step away for a sec or few minutes”

Kubesh: Developerjustin: or even a “BRB sorry”

Chmela: Guimares: all I can say is I’m sorry, man. I did a rude thing and I realize that.

Kana: I have a plugin that loads some css scripts using “add_action ‘wp_head’, .”, however, they don’t get loaded in the head section, but in the footer

Min: With a little research I found out that the reason might be because the code running too late

Grudzien: And get the scripts loaded in the head section

Ellamar: CrowX-: CSS scripts?

Snoddy: CrowX-: you mean a CSS file?

Jacoway: CrowX-:

Almand: Developerjustin: So is your new query inside of the normal page query?

Gillion: Developerjustin: I probably wouldn’t go that route of making empty WP pages to hold your API stuff

Zena: Guimares: nope. custom wp_query object using the args built with the conditionals

Kronberger: Opsec, would you care to elaborate?

Grieger: CrowX-:

Gillam: Guimares: The ‘API’ page is actually an API for something else. One is for the front end and one is for an external application

Demmon: Guimares, “wp_enqueue_styles” is used, yes. But the ‘head’ thing is when the function where “wp_enqueue_styles” is called

Orser: Developerjustin: I dont understand . if the API is for some other external data, why do you have a WP query in it?

Wansitler: Developerjustin: i am not sure what you mean

Awkward: CrowX-: Can you paste the code you’re using?

Dspain: Guimares: sorry. /api is an HTTP API used by the front-end of this website. /api/v1 is an api that I am creating for a contractor to populate an external application with data from WordPress

Victor: CrowX-: you should be doing wp_enqueue_styles inside of a funtion that runs on wp_enqueue_scripts not wp_head

Alliman: I use it to read/write database values in jQuery

Train: Developerjustin: so /api/ is it’s own endpoint entirely that does Benzing ***ociated with this ?

Roston: Guimares, oh, well check the plugin called smoothness-slider-shortcode

Iulianetti: Opsec, thanks, the priority argument worked :

Houchin: Developerjustin: and so you have a page in WordPress called API which is for that endpoint and then you have a childpage in WordPress called V1 ?

Pierro: CrowX-: I’m not downloading a plugin and checking it. you can either tell me what you’re doing and get help or find someone else.

Byrns: Guimares: right. the page with this query_vars issue and the code I sent over is ‘v1’

Carnevale: CrowX-: You’ve installed a 3rd party plugin that’s not loading its CSS and you’ve determined it’s using wp_head to enqueue styles?

Mcfate: Guimares, opsec’s solution worked. I was just telling you wherer you could see the code if you’re interested. Thanks for your efforts to help me though.