Nesoi: for a basic gallery,.

Seisler: Nesoi: i think you need to hire a professional.

Imbert: Nesoi: just put them all on separate pages and only link to the ones you want EVERYONE to see.

Sachez: But are you expecting people to login? That will probably eliminate most of your audience. It will be too much trouble to register, login, etc.

Delgrande: Nesoi: the ones you dont want everyone to see dont link to them and just privately share the link to those people who you want to have access to it

Mcnaughton: No, only gallery owners or curators would be given a login

Schmatz: Nesoi: otherwise you are SERIOUSLY over thinking it

Velastegui: Nesoi: they aren’t going to log in to your site. Guarantee that

Sachez: Right, nesoi, and they’re NOT going to bother unless they’re already very interesting in you father.

Wiltjer: Nesoi: i know many gallery owners and they aren’t going to jump through that hoop

Laizure: Nesoi: there’s no reason to simply just make the link not available on the site which means you would need the specific link directly to the page in order to eveb know it exists.

Cruzen: Nesoi: what will curator use their login for?

Mcnaughton: Ok, so you are suggesting to make them all public but have links to get to pages with more images?

Mcnaughton: SeriousMatters: they would use their login to get access to different images and also to high-resolution versions of the images, which we probably don’t want to make public

Eldert: Nesoi: saying make them all public but only put a link to the galleries that you want EVERYONE to see in your page’s nav

Mcnaughton: Would search engines not be able to index those anyway, potentially?

Hydrick: Nesoi: you can set them to not be indexed if you want. There’s plugins for that for sure

Whitewater: Nesoi: but it would be hard for SERPS to index it if it’s not linked to from anywhere on your site

Winn: Nesoi: also if you must, you can just put a basic “enter p***word to view this page” so you send over the link WITH the p***word to the person viewing these “private” galleries

Redus: Nesoi: WP has thaty functionality built in

Meadows: Nesoi: thats the best answer for this.

Wallentine: Nesoi: no account creation needed. Just send a link to the gallery owner and say “please use the p***word ‘ACCESS2015’ to see the gallery”

Mcnaughton: Where is that set in WP, Guimares?

Arizola: Https://

Dicola: Nesoi:***word_Protection

Solesbee: Nesoi: “on the page edit screen under VISIBILITY is a “p***word protected” option

Slatin: I am seriously going to start making a gif with sound website. i need it!

Mcnaughton: So what gallery plugin would you guys recommend?

Donton: Nesoi: just use the built in gallery function

Mcnaughton: Oh? aren’t the plugins better for some reason? if not, why are there so many gallery plugins? :

Lindroth: Nesoi: omg seriously

Rincones: Nesoi: just bwecause a plugin exists doesn’t mean its better.

Schweim: Nesoi: they all do different things. You choose what you use based on what functionality you need.

Camberos: Nesoi: in my opinion, most of them are overkill for most people.

Keh: On the contrary, I find a lot of plugins very badly written.

Hatridge: Nesoi: if youfind a theme you like, it SHOULD have some styling for the default gallery. so just use the default gallery

Mcnaughton: Ok, next question: I have all of these images online already in a different CMS-ish thing on the same server. what’s the best way to get them into WP without re-uploading them?

Seto: Nesoi: not gonna happen

Sachez: Nesoi: for a basic gallery, I like using the jetpack carousel feature with the built-in gallery. for example