Nesoi: i’m sorry but the.

Sachez: Nesoi: if you put them into a folder sompleace, you can use add to server to import them into the media library

Mcnaughton: Guimares: we’re talking about 16GB of images. I really really don’t want to have to reup them from my sub 1Mbps DSL

Mccowan: Nesoi: WordPress Server Load –

Lonsinger: Nesoi: you’re going to have to upload them.

Sachez: This:

Mcnaughton: I thought you just said you could import them

Sachez: If they’re already on the *same* server

Mcnaughton: Sachez: I need a page or probably multiple pages of thumbnails, not a carousel. We’re talking thousands of images here

Mcnaughton: They’re on the same server

Sachez: There are a lot of gallery plugins

Sachez: We did this with layerslider

Sachez: Nesoi: look at this page:

Sachez: That uses the built-in gallery and jetpack’s carousel feature

Versage: Tagging, categorising, and searching might be a good idea for thousands of items.

Croffie: Nesoi: i am confidently going to say that you’re going to have to upload your files in some way.

Sachez: Guimares: add from server works well

Posson: Nesoi: and you’re going to have a lot of data entry to do with that may images because, as SeriousMatters said, you should really categorize stuff

Mcnaughton: Yeah, for each image I need data like: size, medium, date, title, description, condition, etc.

Mcnaughton: And that should be displayed under each image, or at least the title should be

Needam: Nesoi: i strongly urge you to hire someone.

Mcnaughton: And when you popup the image, it should display the rest of the data under it

Sachez: SeriousMatters: interesting, yes

Mcnaughton: This seems like really typical stuff no? For example if you had a list of products you’d have a short description and then you could pop up a quick view showing a larger image with more details.

Mcnaughton: So I would think there should be some things that basically do this already

Mcnaughton: I don’t have a budget to hire anyone. So far no one knows or cares about my father’s art :

Sachez: Nesoi: you can organize stuff in a spreadsheet and use wp all import to run the import:

Sachez: Nesoi: start small. Pick a set of, say, 50 images and figure out how to display, import, categorize them. With only 50, you can start over multiple times without wasting too much time.

Mcnaughton: Sachez: looks cool, but it’s expensive

Tschoepe: Nesoi the images in the other cms, are they mixed with other images or thumbnails in some way in the directories they are in?

Mcnaughton: Poiz: 1 sec let me check. The other “cms” is just an image gallery stand alone thing

Sachez: Look at the add from server plugin I linked.

Tschoepe: Right cause you may be able to use the other cms directory structure to add from server and categorize them that way

Sachez: It will put the images into the media library with all the appropriate thumbnail sizes

Mcnaughton: Sachez: yes,that looks cool, thanks! When you say “geez” is that in reference to my being cheap with spending $99 on an import plugin? :

Jasper: Nesoi: Does your original database contain any tagging/categories/searching/facets?

Sachez: You want a lot and aren’t willing to spend anything. In any case, setting up a spreadsheet with images, categories, pricing, etc, is probably a good exercise, even if you don’t use it to drive an import

Mcnaughton: Sachez: I have a spreadsheet like that actually! well, a few spreadsheets

Gort: Nesoi: i’m sorry but the truth is that you want a LOT of things out of a website and those things don’t just appear out of thin air