LindsayMac: why is your.

Pietropaolo: Thanks again for your insight daynascully.

Susla: Whats the best way to use columns

Springe: Dugdale: thanks, got it. was another issue.

Letterman: Depends on what your aim is. statistics, technically, should still be in tables. But yea, divs for most other columns.

Springe: So. i’ve always written my enqueue lines out like this:

Springe: Wp_enqueue_script ‘infocards-imagesloaded’, plugin_dir_url__FILE__ . ‘js/imagesloaded.pkgd.min.js’, array, ‘1.0’, array ‘jquery’ ;

Springe: And it has always seemed to work properly.

Springe: But that do***entation seems to say that i’m doing it wrong

Springe: Any ideas why my method works even though the docs say it shouldn’t?

Douyon: Ok, so what you’re doing wrong is this:

Springe: Dugdale: haven’t used CMB2, sorry. I do know that ACF has such an option, but obv. that doesn’t help you much :

Cologie: Array’jquery returns “true”, so that’s why it’s showing up in your footer

Glaeser: But your empty array is supposed to be where your array’jquery’ goes

Tahon: Currently you have no dependencies for that javascript file, jfive

Springe: Soben: yeah, so they are just enqueueing in the order i’m specifying them in the code I’m guessing.

Difrancisco: You were just lucky that jQuery was getting loaded first

Springe: Soben: i thought that might be the case, thanks

Hau: Can you recommend any good plugins for spam problem? I got like 10-20 comments per day. :

Mogensen: And you’re already running Akismet?

Cool: Rixxy: WordPress Zero Spam –

Goliday: Ok so aksimet and zero-spam?

Romine: Can I mix these two plugins?

Rusak: Yup, though you probably won’t need akismet

Kersch: Sterndata: btw, I have comment moderation on my side. So zero-spam will just block spam spam wont appear on my list of comments to be approved?

Horita: Rixxy: it just disappears

Sweetland: Or, more accurately, never gets posted

Springe: Sounds like wp should ship with zero spam as a default plugin instead of akismet!

Springe: Akismet makes you sign up, meh

Labbe: Anyone know of a image slider that will pull from a static image url?

Berrier: I think I found the problem with WP_widget. the theme is not updated!

Gillogly: It’s using WP_widget instead of __construct

Almasi: Hey, can I p*** a php array to a js file using wp_localize_script? I keep getting a NULL value, not even sure if you’re only supposed to use strings in the $data array.

Layfield: Novavex can you show the localize script and the js part in a gist/ or pastebin

Sturrup: Http://

Sentell: Entirely possible that my array hasn’t been populated, just wanted to know if that was a thing that you could do.

Heinandez: Novavex: do a var dump on your php variable BEFORE it’s p***ed to make sure it’s populated

Tatevosian: Probably better off doing the json_encode for the $data array?

Muysenberg: Thanks LindsayMac, didn’t know about that

Sliffe: Novavex: huh? didnt know about what?

Groomes: Var dump. I’ve just been printing out arrays

Crusan: Novavex: oh. well they’re pretty much going to do the same thing.

Friedl: Novavex: just make sure it has a value before p***ing it

Atta: LindsayMac: yeah, I didn’t do something right. It was empty

Baldiviez: Novavex: well, I dont know what $this is in your code.

Marsland: Novavex: what did you have to change?

Bromley: LindsayMac: Outside the scope of my pastebin, but I forgot to do “$this-” when adding to the array

Cokins: LindsayMac: why is your name sometimes red?