Like if a title is “mc.

Vey: We have a wordpress site

Farber: Fris: she wants to use survey monkey

Trussell: MaryAnn doent servey monkey give you html code to use on the site?

Trussell: Or is it an external service ilke google forms

Egloff: this site explains my company web site. we want to blog page using same wordpress

Trussell: If iframe is the only way they give you, then its the onnly way

Filipovich: Temhaa: why not instead and just put your posts there?

Feldtman: Ok, hopefully quick but possibly stupid question

Meihofer: I want to have a file in my theme be used in the same way as admin-ajax.php

Trussell: MaryAnn did you try something like this?

Ronan: I want to do this because we’re cacheing everything outside of wp-admin, so right now our ajax requests aren’t cached as a result

Fisger: Cintax: you mean you want to make a endpoint?

Sylvestre: Filipovich: we want to but now maybe. I dont know how can I do put our posts to

Selim: Fris: looks horrible?

Hilario: Filipovich: can you help me?

Friendly: Bu***and: basically and endpoint that would either act as a rewrite to admin-ajax, or perform the same function, yes

Filipovich: Temhaa: are you already using posts on the existing site, or is it just pages?

Trussell: Surveymonkey allows for popup survey, or iframe, only way about it

Trussell: That plugin pops up the survey

Snavely: Notably, I don’t want to use a server rewrite rule in like htaccess, because our production environment is nginx

Carten: Cintax: i’m sorry i need to know more about what you’re actually doing.

Cogbill: And I want this solution to be portable with the theme

Tokich: Bu***and: I simply want to change all the references to admin-ajax currently in the theme to instead point to a different route that’s not behind wp-admin

Kump: But that will function the exact same way

Filipovich: Temhaa: are you already using posts on the existing site, or is it just pages?

Kovalsky: Filipovich: we are using pages

Fontenot: The reason is because we’re not caching anything in wp-admin, and we don’t want to start

Filipovich: Ok, cool. then it’s easy.

Filipovich: Create a new page called “blog”. Under settings – reading, set blog as the posts page.

Filipovich: All posts will now be listed on “blog”. If you want “/blog/” in the URL, you can do that from settings – permalinks

Rowzee: Filipovich: wait. first step I should create blog page. I am not giving slug?

Filipovich: Temhaa: just like

Filipovich: Just create a page with the title “blog”. leave it empty. publish it.

Zoelle: GAH! Why is Wp_query returning revisions in the results?

Lacatena: Filipovich: ok. great example. I have question one more

Sterba: I can provide the sql if anyone is interested

Malbaurn: How can i find related posts for a posts using the post title

Bothof: Filipovich: our post coming from syndication we want use rss feed of another blogs

Clarey: I was just banned from my owns erver

Nestler: Malbaurn: how do you mean related?

Cucuta: Jstransky: whats your query lookl ike?

Filipovich: Temhaa: and

Pfleider: Bu***and:

Ducasse: Jstransky: umm. are you doing a new WP_Query or a direct DB request?

Malbaurn: Like if a title is “mc donalds has 500 employees”, i also want to find a posts if their title is for example: 100 burgers at mc donalds””