It would have been nice if.

Tombrello: See “disable emails” here:

Pervis: I, for one, am happy to let the automatic core updates happen.

Montie: I prefer to know whats going on

Garthee: Is pinging my site to let it know it should update?

Chiszar: I get a notice when the update occurs, I have a system monitoring my sites, and I have frequent, off-site backups in case somethign bad happens.

Friesen: Jobbe: no. Your site is reaching out to to see if updates are available.

Faraj: If it does, how will you know if an update is available?

Monforte: Sterndata: I log ind to my site a couple of times a week

Pavek: It’s just annoying to be spammed with so many e-mails

Ploennigs: If there’s a major security update, a couple of hours could be an issue. How many sites do you have?

Lard: I get like 1-10 visits a month

Izak: And thats also why i don’t understand how i can get spammed with 5-10 mails a day

Dougall: Something from the outside must be pinging my site

Wielgus: Check your access log

Huerto: Any thought on flatline theme?

Palenzuela: – – 19/Sep/2015:17:11:36 +0200 “GET /feed/ HTTP/1.1” 200 3192 “-” “Superfeedr bot/2.0 – Make your feeds realtime: get in touch – feed-id:412649802”

Kyseth: So everytime superfeedr pings my site, it must go check for updates and e-mail me

Gerdts: Hey I just inserted the FB code to my site

Nol: I need have it checked to see if it works

Clason: Can you guys check my site?

Wen: Bogo

Matanane: Stern that is where I got it from

Sendejo: You mean the “like” button?

Minarcin: What do you want us to check?

Melius: On the page I linked to. At the bottom left should be the FB page deal

Wendolski: For me on Windows 10 IE and Edge it is not showing

Jomes: This?

Crispell: What browser are you using?

Komis: Using Chrome. Don’t have IE handy

Zurcher: But for some reason it does not show in IE

Betton: Or on any other PC with IE so far

Millan: Not a WordPress problem

Keisling: Yah I wish I could find a good plugin in stead

Jenck: Do the developer tools in IE show any error?

Ruhmann: In fact, it does: SEC7118: XMLHttpRequest for required Cross Origin Resource Sharing CORS.

Michell: As warnings, but no hard errors in the c onsole

Lusk: That should not be an issue with FB

Vanhoutte: Since that has to do with ICECAST

Bourque: That’s all I’ve got. Again, this is not a WP problem. You need to find someone who really knows how IE needs to be tweaked into working.

Codner: That is fine. I will pop that out for a sec and retru

Layfield: Are you just trying to p**** the xml?

Shinholster: I just want it to show what is now playing from my stream

Fortune: That is all that it should be doing

Jaenke: Sterndata do you know of a FB plugin or widget?

Pickette: There are many. What do you want it to do?

Singler: Just show like it does now

Freiler: I typically use just Jetpack’s social sharing links; I’d just google “facebook wordpress plugin” and see what I find.

Frommer: Jetpack is good on some stuff

Baruth: It monkies with images and that ****s with photon

Ronda: It would have been nice if FB had not abandoned it’s WP plugin