In Settings API.

Gauntt: Leave the from as whatever you’re using

Emberlin: OK, so. not a target email problem.

Nau: An SMTP plugin will work around your host’s email system.

Loughnane: Sterndata, I think so. right now I’m making htaccess changes

Acebo: Mordacai: the default .htaccess should be fine

Pezzuti: Dammit still that error

Harmann: I think you misunderstand. I have three websites pointing to the same server, five actually, and I need to be able to have them point to the right directories when they go to their respective domain addresses. it’s an apache setting I’ve got to set

Lundquist: Mordacai: that’s why virtual hosts are for

Gehrlein: Yes, that’s what I meant

Rhinehardt: I was going to suggest, though, that you use mod_ruid2, so each virtual host uses a different user ID when executing PHP — for better security.

Smitz: For better security.if configured properly. If configured incorrectly, offers zero benefit

Offner: Dcr: just protecting myself from an opsec chiding

Pezzuti: Sterndata — Installing WP STMP + testmail == success.

Scharf: Pezzuti: life is good

Medlin: Take the rest of the day off

Smitz: Also, php-fpm allows you to chroot the process, although tricky to implement, is very nice

Smitz: You can leave little presents lying around for a echo “up yours!” /path/to/chroot/etc/p***wd

Smitz: Pezzuti, more likely your shared hosting provider doesn’t let you access the MTA or doesn’t even install one, one fo the reasons for this is.if your site gets owned, and has access to the can be used as a spam bot

Smitz: Alternatively, you could yourself install phplist, and send several million spam emails from their server and IP. Which would be detromental for all the other customers on that IP

Smitz: S/phplist/any m*** mail script

Wethern: Anyone ever use codeschool ?

Layfield: It took 620 minutes and 16 seconds to update 54152 plugins

Chernosky: Hello, I have site powered by wordpress. I want add blog to my site. But I want to planet of my blog site.

Sailors: Can I create planet with wordpress?

Hayford: If its possible how can I do?

Beltran: Temhaa it takes a bit more than just wordpress to make a planet

Bielik: Temhaa: what does ” But I want to planet of my blog site.” mean?

Holderness: Sterndata: fris Sorry my english is very bad. I want to create planet for my site.

Layfield: Not sure what that means

Searls: Temhas: planet does not mean what you think it means. What is it you want to do?

Malich: Fris: sterndata. You dont know planet blogs. For example: Every user write blog themselves blog and They tag to their blog and planel listen tag. and publish in planel.

Colton: So you want a multi-user blog?

Nordeen: Temhaa: you can easily buy a domain with “planet” in it, then you’re a planet!

Aubry: Oh, I get it. You want a site that picks up posts. Do you need to do more than just aggregate content from a list of sites via RSS?

Arraiol: Temhaa:

Savage: Sterndata: yes. So can I use that under already exist my wordpress site?

Boschee: At least, you should. Who knows what you’ve done with your planet-less WP site? :-

Loomer: WooCommerce question: Anyone ever had to force simple products to be treated separately when ordering WooCommerce should group then together ? There seems to be a nasty bug with WooCommerce multilingual and selling products separately Doesn’t help if even setting from inventory

Debrito: In Settings API validation/sanitization, if an admin user entered an invalid value for a field the WP core behaviour is to show an error message via add_setting_error and keep that field in its original value.