If you don’t have insane.

Eddins: Arup_r: that note about coding style is for you then

Eddins: Arup_r: “a point of coding style — might be a good idea not to mix ” and ‘ and always use “”

Bennerson: What are you saying ? I am not getting :

Eddins: Arup_r: so — where are the radio buttons that do not display?

Cheng: In the INVITE USERS section

Eddins: I am saying – compare div cl***=’right-panel’ to script src=”/***ets…”

Eddins: Sometimes you use ‘, other times you use ”

Shiiba: Eddins: ‘ vs ” — what code do you refer to?

Schoolfield: Perhaps, you meant arup_r

Eddins: Arup_r: you have CSS that hides the radios off-screen

Mascio: In HTML I would only use ” for attributes

Harbough: Eddins: Ok. But why then working in firefox ?

Eddins: Arup_r: notice the CSS that I disabled here https://www.dropbox.com/s/5g9nn1vmu7ducdr/Screenshot%202015-09-17%2020.41.25.png

Farquharson: Eddins: from where it is coming,, I just used plain bootstrap

Baumer: Eddins: what should I write there ? The thing is same code working in Firefox

Eddins: Arup_r: if you don’t want the behaviour, remove the CSS. But I’d guess there is some part of Bootstrap likely the bit that ‘replaces’ form elements missing

Pehrson: Eddins: I imagined a solution to my problem.

Stanly: Use two cl***es. Other has transition. Other doesn’t. When menucontainer is already open, the CSS rules with no transition are selected.

Seiders: Is it just me, or is browserstack a pain to use in these days of css animations and video. Very hard to determain if such stuff works nicely.

Wineman: Guys, how do i make a parralelogram w/ offset text?

Aeling: Like this one http://i.imgur.com/Ja9NT8V.png

Montford: Imgur not working in my religion

Mcgoey: Http://i61.tinypic.com/919×09.png

Payson: Tumminello it’s supposed to have a viewport of 667×375

Tumminello: Had to use -webkit-device-pixel-ratio: 2 to make it work properly

Wetz: So I have two divs and I want to make them both centered to the same point and overlapping, but I also want the parent container to have minimum size of the images

Shindo: Any idea how I could do that?

Bernotas: Hey http://jsfiddle.net/cr5ocjhb/ What is the most efficient / best solution to make the ‘right’ div appear on the same line as the UL with list items? in the right position

Calvillo: Bernotas: http://jsfiddle.net/Calvillo/cr5ocjhb/1/

Calvillo: Bernotas: http://jsfiddle.net/Calvillo/cr5ocjhb/2/

Calvillo: You wont need the floats.

Bernotas: First approach is right

Bernotas: Floated right int he container

Bernotas: Argh seems not yet to be working my website 😛

Raoof: Anyone here use developer tools in ie9 to do any debugging? and know why a cl*** i have, “.img” is no where to be found in the insepector as a css property?

Banner: I dont think IE has much popularity among developers/designers

Raoof: Well of course not, but still gotta make the site look presentable for the dummies who use it as their main browser

Phearsdorf: I’m trying to absolutely position an HTML element on top of an SVG tag given a coordinate pair x, y

Gragg: The do***entation for absolute positioning says that x, y’s context is the first positioned ancestor.

Laplace: The position keeps being placed well below the SVG tag

Kridler: There is no better way than js and absolute positioning for touch + drag on mobile, no?

Brzuchalski: Well, it’s JavaScript :p

Domingos: But I bet CSS 5 will implement motion-blur, than we are golden again

Sherfy: Old cartoonist problem, that without motion blur, fast motions are jumpy

Bhatti: If you don’t have insane framerates