Imagine i create a widget.

Nabarro: Bu***and honestly its not that much better

Piatak: Bu***and: I feel it is :

Edwin: It can actually make things harder to eyeball if they are straight in photoshop

Bottella: But i think the immersiveness in games and movies is worth it

Sherill: Woocommerce-nub: yea. so thats what I thought. if you WORK on your computer there’s no huge benefit. only if you play on it

Straus: Other than it looks cool on your desk

Agriesti: For the curved aspect no, for the 4k its amazing

Cerrone: I play a lot of battlefield 4 and dirt rally

Tunon: Its like having a personal imax

Victorino: The curve is also verrrry slight. its not as drastic as i thought it would be

Trussell: Woocommerce-nub i was gonna get a mac pro, with a 4k display

Vandermolen: Woocommerce-nub: well yea. 4k is just awesome to have. just because

Cumins: I dont think 4k is worth it in a small form factor

Hacher: My buddy has a 28″ 4k and i dont get the point

Hawthorn: Its too small to make use of the resolution

Belina: I mean it makes things crisp but he has to turn on ui scaling so its like the same as having a 1440p monitor

Punter: If you’re a video editor there’s a benefit. even if its 28″

Abercombie: Or i guess even photographer

Mascheck: Well in that case. haha

Lattea: I am having some problems with rewriting the slug based on language

Savaria: Fris: remove the drive from your macbook and put it in an external drive enclosure. use it like an external usb drive to get all your data off it

Yepsen: AbuDhar

Rosian: If i got a CPT how can i create categories for it so the categories only apply to the CPT and i can easily retrieve them etc ?

Glogowski: Create a custom taxonomy

Bump: So instead of $args’taxonomies’ = array ‘category’; i would do $args’taxonomies’ = array ‘custom-cats’; ?

Baxter: As part of register_post_type

Krewson: This is absolutely hilarious:

Nesspor: Woocommerce-nub: never in my life did I think I would find a worldstar post here

Laframboise: Http://

Funn: Hey to query the media library and get the first 10 images I would do a WP_Query ?

Trussell: With post type of attachment

Burdex: Alright guys ive got one more question and then ill leave you alone forever. Filipovich & fris & LindsayMac

Rue: Bah phone call 1 sec lol

Tomlison: Is pokk still in here

Wycoff: Someone’s nick is “here” ?

Barninger: That must get really annoying with his/her highlighter

Stettler: Nak: they get what they deserve. if they want a nik called here in here then they gotta deal with the consequences of them being references in here

Kopera: Is there a way to prevent wordpress from running the main loop

Fulkerson: I’m referring to the default WP_Query that WP does

Magley: Nak: what are you actually trying to do

Revoir: Because that’s a loaded question

Pressey: Bu***and would rather load my posts with a widget that is more configurable than the settings provided by wp-admin

Jubran: Ok generic blog, right

Ritzke: We have a list of posts, pagination, and a sidebar, some nav

Reyner: That list of posts is generated by the main wp_query

Wetterauer: But working with it means using goofy hooks and stuff

Feerick: Imagine i create a widget and use that in my template instead of outputting from the main wp_query