Runtyrobot: well. i mean..

Fougere: Hvk: I’m sorry I meant with v1 you can simply do a

Cutrera: Anyone got any idea on what’s going on?

Facello: Rubyronin: yea i got it :

Deutsch: Its the equivelant of having 4x 24″ 1080p monitors without bezels

Trussell: WordiestGnome what do you mean?

Lanier: I could never go back

Ringgold: I’m just giving you ****

Stryker: Randy53215: Please help us keep Orchard a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Obryon: Rubyronin: it works :

Trussell: Woocommerce-nub i would never go back to windows cant stand it

Opara: Rubyronin:

Trussell: I am using windows on a cheap laptop i picked up though until i get my stuff back

Chellis: Fris I just messaged you

Dickhoff: Im not a fan but i bought a 980 gtx to drive it

Wilkers: So now i can play BF4, Dirt Rally, etc. in 4k on high

Nicolini: Http:// works, redirects to

Trussell: Opsec i hope i dont lose the data, it has all my premium purchased items, some of them are no longer available, and emails from 6+ years which has all the details for my bought items

Golde: It should do that if you don’t have SSL enabled Server Side

Doxtater: Http://

Trussell: I should really test out ssl, i never have

Debro: Hvk: returns all of them

Grassman: Rubyronin: YEA : I got it thanks now make only post : thanks a lot

Folliard: Right, I’ve got a self signed SSL that i’ve accepted on the server It’s a staging site . So you saying it’ll probably work with a verified SSL?

Trussell: Rubyronin its a real pain going from v1 to v2 if you have a lot of code to switch over

Mckever: Hvk: now do you need to list all the sites in your network?

Biggs: Is it issuing a certificate?

Cossio: I’ve tried it on the live site which had a wildcard SSL set up earlier. The same issue occurs.

Botdorf: I told my client they’d need to sign off time for me to really look at it, just having a poke around for now.

Liffick: Rubyronin: now i need to take my post from database and publish it trought rest api but now how i see format it will be pain as f*ck

Wooters: There is a fair few parameters. It’s a multisite, with BuddyPress, BBpress, custom login form ect.

Skrine: Hvk: why not use a plugin?

Vaill: Rubyronin: which one? 😀

Tonnar: wordpress-sites-from-a-single-install/">Http://

Savaria: Fris:

Men: wordpress">Https://

Trussell: If you need a site list shortcode here is one i made, uses less queries tha the core fuction to list sites, its gets all data from the query core function

Filipovich: Woocommerce-nub: cool monitor!

Koestler: I highly, highly recommend it for anyone who works on a computer

Wheelus: I have a button on a post, that I’d like to save time and date whenever it’s pushed. Data should only be visible in admin – how would I go about that?

Trussell: Runtyrobot same way a voting system is done

Trussell: When you click it saves the data

Squillante: Woocommerce-nub: whats do you find is the benefit for a curved monitor over flat monitor?

Linville: Bu***and: Corners are closer

Leffert: Fris: I’ll look it up – thanks :

Trussell: Runtyrobot have a look at this plugin, it would do the same, but instead of a vote it would be the data you want

Lovich: Runtyrobot: well. i mean. is that REALLY a benefit? lol