How much is that going to.

Dunnaway: If you’re getting the same IP address over and over again in the apache log, then decent chance its being proxied

Babick: Dcr: that is the wget of the headers

Dunnaway: Eddq, so its likely that nginx is configured in a way which means it’s not forwarding the “Forwarded For” header to apache, and apache isn’t logging that IP address.its logging the IP address of the nginx proxy, which is the IP of the server

Babick: Probably not much I can do then. Doubt the host will care

Babick: Bummer. Need to see if wordfence has a workaround for this. Otherwise it is pretty useless

Dunnaway: Its done to get more from the resources than would normally be possible. I have a client who rents a single VM from me, hosting 50 enterprise websites. Naturally in normal form, the VM is on it’s knees at peak times

Babick: I don’t fully get the idea of what the reverse proxy is doing. Cache I get, but the proxy stuff I don’t

Dunnaway: But they don’t want to pay for another VM or two for load balancing. So in the end, we had to put a reverse caching proxy infront of it.which does the trick. Its basically what cloudflare do

Dunnaway: The reverse proxy in this case nginx is sitting infront of apache and aggressively caching whatever it can. Usually images, css, js, etc. Then, when a user hits the site, nginx will attempt to deliver it’s cached content as quickly as possible. Anything it cannot deliver from the cache usually dynamic content it will forward back to apache

Babick: Ah. And how come the caching and serving can’t all be from the same process/box?

Dunnaway: So basically, apache should only be handling dynamic content. Lets say 5 people hit the site in quick succession. Usually apache needs to handle all of those requests, and in most cases has to handle the php via mod_php. Whereas if 5 people hit a site which is being reverse proxied/cached like that.a large chunk of the data lets say 75% for the sake of discussion is served up directly from cache

Dunnaway: It can be on the same box, and sometimes is. Even with apache and nginx running concurrently in the above configuration, you’ll still likely see less resources being consumed

Babick: If it is on the same box do you get the user’s true ip?

Dunnaway: No.because all traffic is being pumped through the proxy service. When the proxy forwards a request onward even though its on the same box, that request is coming from the IP address of the box, or localhost

Dunnaway: You can configure nginx and apache to play nicely for the logfiles though, although it would seem your host perhaps hasn’t done that

Procaccino: Any chance of help from someone with WooCommerce experience in here? The woocommerce channel is dead.

Hockins: Anyone object to me posting my problem in here too? Always polite to ask first.

Babick: Dcr: cheers for the explanation

Babick: CMFDesign: go ahead mate

Endsley: Dcr: Thats some really good information, well described mate. Thumbs up.

Ainscough: I have imported a CSV file from a customer of their full product database, its inserted the categories as a root, so from their csv for example it is ‘Home Bedroom Beds Kids Beds’. This is obviously meant to be the dropdown from the main nav. Any way to easily fix this?

Pevsner: I just don’t fancy going through and editing a couple thousand products lol

Babick: CMFDesign: has all the data come in correctly just without the heirarchy? What did you use to import the data?

Ankrapp: Eddq: I used a plugin called ‘CSV Import’ and all the data seems to have come through correct, just without the categories being, well, correct.

Bachelor: Eddq: Its still running, on about product 800 of just over 3000. Its just the category names that are a bit squiff, in products it shows are a root such as ‘Home Bedroom Beds’ etc

Babick: I believe I’ve used CSV Import before, remember it being alright. If you can spare the cash, WP All Import Pro + the WooCommerce addon may be more of what you need though

Dettmann: How much is that going to set me back? It might be a good idea but not sure if I can spare the cash right now.