Hehe, never thought of it.

Griggs: Opsec, I need to learn more about this BlackBaud, seems they have WordPress plugins according to their website

Schramm: They all have their own use

Lokan: I wouldn’t really consider a database to be a “programming language” per se. it’s a data storage engine.

Sadler: Dopazo: Well maybe Im biased because I do primarily PHP/AJAX/MySQL, Postgresql or SQLite with database driven sites be it custom made or CMS driven. But it IS more lightweight, portable, faster in all aspects as far as I’ve seen

Lokan: That said, micrsoft has proven over and over incapable of producing anything original of actual worth.

Lokan: They buy someone else’s or just outright rip it off

Moniot: Dopazo, plus ASP.NET people don’t know what to do with themselves without Visual Basic LOL. Totally dependent on Microsoft stuff

Lokan: When you make your software only valid on a single os, game over.

Winkfield: It’s easy to make snide remarks on the failures of software companies. But do remember that they are succeeding in many fronts. Perhaps ___________ isn’t developed for your use :

Lokan: I’ve worked in microsoft, so yes, very easy to make those statements.

Ruedy: Dopazo: Do you remember when Microsoft tried to come out with OOXML? They do that BS all the time. Try to **** money out of ppl and make them dependent on a single platform like opsec said

Montello: They are running a business

Tomasi: Of course, *cough* like *cough* Apple *cough*, they want you to buy everything of theirs

Lokan: Yes, apple is another unethical company

Lokan: We’re not focused as a society on providing actual solution or benefit or inter-cooperation between companies

Lokan: At least not things that aren’t sanctioned and designed to control people.

Olivier: Google just came out with 1 GigaBit a second internet here. I get out of my old contract & can FINALLY switch over to SuperSpeed Gigabit internet, but even THEY are doing snide “business tactics” things here & there, like on small stuff. like to get a Static IP you have to get a Business account that’s twice as much, even if all you want is the static IP

Lokan: In the end, almost every company would love it if you just bought all their stuff

Olivas: At least Google supports the Open Source community in a way, unlike Microsoft or Apple

Missildine: I have been on 1GBPS for awhile ;X

Lokan: It’s not about providing you a real solution/.

Wiegert: Dopazo, yeah I can’t wait dude. What city are you in? I’m in Kansas City here.

Lokan: Google is similar in ways. they just take a “hipster” approach to ripping you off ;

Malcik: Lmfao, SO TRUE opsec. so true

Wakenight: There are no good guys in the world of business

Lokan: You just want it to be.

Wahba: Yea, I tried to start my own Internet Services company 6+ years ago. failed miserably. Thought I was Mr. Smarty pants. until I realized I was probably the dumbest businessman evr to walk the earth LOL

Lokan: Truth is often hard to swallow when we don’t feel like looking ;

Magni: Opsec: True, but people need to admit when they are wrong. Some ppl are so stubborn, they can look at the facts & still not admit they are wrong when they are. Guess ppl are the same with politics lolz

Lokan: To be a m***ively successful goliath like GOOG MSFT AAPL, you need to do many, many, many unethical and illegal things.

Lokan: Essentially you have to be a mini-government

Lokan: Everyone is so stubborn. you and i are no different in that area ;

Lokan: Everyone is also clinically insane, that’s the way it is.

Lokan: We all have our own idea of what “right” is.

Lokan: No one is “right” ultimately, but we can point to things that do indeed happen and do exist. no denying them

Jeck: Hehe, never thought of it that way. kinda ****s when u put it like that, but I can’t argue with your conclusion