Ill take another look at.

Grippi: Any suggestions on how to fill up or create the feeling that it isn’t so empty

Staum: Well on the front page i was thinking i could add some filler design stuff

Veneman: Why? content is better

Kanoza: Hi all, i try work with this TIP plugin: i dont know how to display the tip with the ballon black-gray any advice? wich part of the css i need? thanks

Veneman: Jak2000: it explains at the bottom about the css it uses

Dixie: Veneman:

Glodo: Same as east button:

Masteller: Need to include jquery in there.

Moorcroft: Ok, now see but not take the effect

Masteller: Because it can’t go to the east.

Madlung: Same if change the e by w or s

Masteller: You’re missing the css file.

Masteller: Http://

Morsberger: Testing on production code

Pilger: I understand part of the tIP is title=”bla bla bla” right?

Mazzotta: Is possible do this: td cl***=”powertip” 50 /td and user do a mouse over on thi cell?

Anecelle: Http://

Edgmon: Any flexbox guru’s on?

Bock: I’m trying to make fixed footer using position: fixed; bottom: 0; and custom height – but the problem is the footer is now out of flow, where-as the content above is in-flow, if the content length is taller than the viewpoint i get a scroll that cuts off parts of the content at the bottom. What do i do to make sure nothing ever gets cut off? I’ve tried clearfix element with padding and margin

Veneman: Put a margin-bottom on body

Wyer: Thanks, i’ll try that.

Veneman: Clearfix doesn’t work because it’s not float

Tsantakis: That indeed worked! and good to know, clearfix is for float.

Vanderhorst: Could someone please show me how to make each section fit the whole page?

Panzarella: Http://

Delfino: So that I have one page thta scrools down

Livas: Can someone please tell me where this extra pixel of padding/margin is coming from – i suspect its on the displain: inline-block ill be right back

Borwig: See the orange background

Cornett: On the create new team and the all messages buttons

Dunton: For some reason the 1 px difference?

Garing: Wfpkhc, Remove spaces from inline and inline-block elements:

Fracchia: What dumb *** designed that

Redinger: White space affecting positioning of box l ayoug

Veneman: Wfpkhc: if you want to rant, do it somewhere else. and it’s not box, those are inline

Masterson: Piedrahita, i have a question for you – and preaction

Michelle: Wfpkhc, Sorry, I am a bot, not a person. You want to speak to the person who spoke to me.

Palomar: If you look at the source code – all the message buttons are in line with gaps

Rullman: But the create new team button doesnt

Defosset: So it cant be the gaps issue

Maciejewski: Then why is 3 buttons aligned

Penman: But the last one not?

Veneman: Because the last one doesn’t have whitespace around it

Dunworth: Wfpkhc, Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line – don’t use the “Enter” key as punctuation!

Veneman: Diva href=”” title=”create new teamˆ”create new teamˆ/a/div

Poladian: Ill take another look at it