Gustav1234x: I can’t help.

Bowthorpe: Gustav1234x: you just need to add a filter function and add/modify the value for the attribute you want to p*** in. start by making your filter function and die with some debug output for you to try

Bowthorpe: Slater: he’s needing to modify the shortcode attributes of a shortcode that’s provided by a plugin that doesn’t offer a filter – so I suggested WP’s native shortcode_atts_{$shortcode} filter

Amspoker: Bowthorpe: Where do I do that?

Gerlock: Hey I figured out what the problem was with mu image maps

Ananias: The SiteOrigin editor apparently doesn’t like them

Bagg: It has some kind of a code-correction “feature” that tends to mangle some HTML elements

Bowthorpe: Gustav1234x: you’d add your filter function in functions

Bowthorpe: I can get you an example going if you need

Erdner: How do I plug it in so that it gets run?

Bowthorpe: Gustav1234x:

Bowthorpe: This outputs when I put a gallery shortcode on that page

Rigney: Mkay. Thanks. I’ll try it out.

Bowthorpe: That means that I can just say $atts’attribute-name’ = $_GET’yourparam’;

Bowthorpe: Then at the end you just return $atts;

Torn: And this code goes in functions.php?

Bowthorpe: Re-read what I just told you to do

Bowthorpe: I don’t know the attributes you need to modify, the name of the shortcode, or the name of your query param

Bowthorpe: So I can’t do it for you

Bela: I just put your example code in functions.php.

Bowthorpe: Copy/pasting verbatim won’t do anything

Jutras: Well, it did, it broke it.

Bowthorpe: Yeah, because you put another ?php tag in there I bet LOL

Bowthorpe: Gustav1234x: what’s the name of the shortcode, what’s the name of that shortcode’s attribute you want to modify, and what $_GET param are you wanting to put in that attribute?

Bigusiak: Bowthorpe: cdbt-extract. narrow_keyword. id.

Bowthorpe: Cdbt-extract narrow_keyword=”$_GET’id’

Lyndaker: Narrow_keyword=”ID:$_GET’id’”

Hellner: Do you know if there’s any work in optimizing WordPress for very complex themes? I’m thinking about starting it up but it’s superflous if someone else’s already doing it.

Bowthorpe: Gustav1234x:

Bowthorpe: Try that – it should be what you need if I understood correctly

Bowthorpe: Oh, I guess you could check if it isset first though before modifying :

Essix: One rule on internet is generally like this: regardless of what “new idea” you might have, someone else have already done it and is making money out of it

Slater: Gustav1234x: do you mean ‘optimising wordpress core’?

Brabble: Mackynen: Right. : But this is something WP itself might like to do.

Macugay: Slater: Well not sure where to optimize.

Slater: There’s work in building complex themes

Bowthorpe: Gustav1234x: “Broke it.” provides me with zero information

Bowthorpe: WSOD? Errors? Link? Anything?

Slater: Gustav1234x: something that work is called “building websites”

Adwell: Bowthorpe: Going to the logs.

Bowthorpe: Gustav1234x: you’re not on wordpress

Bowthorpe: Or not in functions.php of your active theme

Wormuth: I modified the theme’s functions.php but it’s not doing anything.

Bowthorpe: Gustav1234x: add_filter is most definitely a defined function in any theme’s functions.php file

Delashaw: Yeah so far so good. What shortcode should I be using now?

Castellaneta: I didn’t modify what I had which put in ID=3 as that attribute’s value.

Bowthorpe: Gustav1234x: I can’t help you if you can’t get add_filter to work in your functions.php file