Altos: something like this?.

Poirier: Iaj, No tables for layout: , ,

Eddins: Artrei: might be a question for a channel more related to front end development in general

Eddins: But Grunt or Gulp, or others is a handy way to string together tasks like scss compilation

Lazard: Hi Eddins, what do you use ?

Eddins: Also image minification, js linting etc

Eddins: Mostly grunt, but also gulp

Learned: Would it be faster than comp***? cos i felt comp*** so slow

Schmied: Eddins: oh. dang. Yeah I thought so, but I was told to use it that way by some bootstrap folks :S

Schmied: Eddins: so Id much rather use the grid cl***es on divs to have the same effect, right?

Eddins: You’d get better speed with libs***, which you can use with Grunt

Eddins: Unless you need a feature of Comp***, which I think needs the Ruby version

Eddins: Iaj: careful who you listen to

Schmied: Yeah I know here is a good place to ask, but I didn’t wanna bother with bootstrap related questions 😀

Eddins: Both good places to discuss this sort of thing

Schmied: Eddins: anyway lets say I put up a grid system, so 2 divs that each use 6 columns in bootstrap. would I insert the img as an img or much rather as an background-img of those divs?

Eddins: Do you want it as a background?

Schmied: I want it to resize on different view-resolutions and take up the whole page as is now

Eddins: With text on the top?

Schmied: Yeah, a button actually

Schmied: But with something on top yeah

Eddins: Sure. Well if the image is just for display, use background-image, and you can also use background-size to make the image ‘cover’ the area

Eddins: If the image is important to the content, use an img. You can use object-fit and absolute position to achieve something like I just described

Schmied: Eddins: Alright, got it, some good information here as usual, thanks!

Schmied: But when would the image be important to the content?

Schmied: Eddins: is there any way to have the div exactly the proportions of the image? eg. when the image is 400×500 the div should be 400×500?

Mctee: What’s the effect on the image here called guys?

Fiebich: R000ty_: similar to a zoom blur

Friling: Mbm, i think i’ve seen a jquery library for it but cant remember

Schmied: Hm, when I have a div with position relative, and inside is another div which size isn’t fixed and I set the position to absolute, how can I have the div horizontally centered?

Pam: You have to take care of that yourself by doing something like margin-left or left 50%; then transform: translateX-50%; or if you used left, margin-left with a negative value of half the width.

Pam: There’s also another way but it requires a wrapper element.

Schmied: Hmmm, I see. so left:50% and transform: translateX-50% on the a would be a solution?

Schmied: Pam: thanks worked like a charm:

Rigley: Quick float/css question:

Temoney: So, no idea regarding this?

Neiman: I want to have 3 divs next to each other, filling the outer-div width fully. I want margin between these divs, but so that the leftern most div is all the way to the left and the rightern is all the way to the right. What should I do?

Pickelsimer: I cannot give a cl*** name to the middle-div, coz I dont know which one the middle one is going to be.

Oconner: When I make the window narrower, why doesn’t the background image stay centered?

Moretti: Altos: something like this?