Gunnaro there’s also.

Pridham: Yaaay thanks again, crisumi

Brintnall: Bahr yeah, but you don’t have to provide any details, it finds all wordpress installs, grabs what it needs then does what you said :

Bahr: Johndoe2: so looks for wp-config.php ? heh

Bahr: Yeah i wrote a similar script for wp-cli

Kithcart: Then uses regex to extract details

Bahr: But not for backups heh

Bahr: I have a backup like 2x a day i think

Bahr: And if you are just backing up 1 site, then your script would be kinda bulky 😛

Browder: Seems fair for VIP websites.

Balfour: True that. although, it’s really just 20-30 lines of code in a shell script

Arel: Hi Guys, so I recently changed my site to a wordpress site self hosted. the old site was and the new site is . but it seems the browser has cached to redirect to I know I can clear my cache, but is there a way, for me to make sure the browser is requesting the new version of the site?

Abdool: Momo_ try incognito/private mode

Peugh: Johndoe2 It works fine in incognito, I know how to resolve the issue for myself, Im just thinking of the other people that visit the site

Dobkowski: Johndoe2 I could put instructions on the 404 page to clear the cache, but Im just wondering if theres a way I can tell the browser to load the new page

Buckson: Momo_ well. versioning is one way, and wordpress does that already

Filipovich: Momo_ you can put a 301 redirect in .htaccess for default.php to index.php and make sure you’ve deleted default.php

Bahr: Filipovich: for the win again 😛

Filipovich: Just popping up for air while doing invoices

Fonteboa: Hi, I’m a programmer but new to WP. Is it possible to PHP edit a single page within a WP theme site? I want to put forms and submit button that do a specific thing, but I’m not sure where to edit the pages. All I’ve found so far is how to edit the WP Theme using the built in editor.

Filipovich: Gunnaro: why not use a form plugin?

Filipovich: NEVER use the editor in appearance – editor

Filipovich: And wordpress doesn’t have “single pages’ in the html sense. Pages are generated by templates from content in the database

Campusano: Why shouldn’t you *NEVER* use the wp editor?

Filipovich: ElectriX: because one little slip and you WSOD the site

Filipovich: Gunnaro: lots of good plugins. What does this form do?

Bardon: Do you recommend a form plugin to try out for this kind of requirements?

Filipovich: What are the requirements?

Veltin: I suppose unless you just want to do it for quick fixes. Before I edit anything major I usually copy/paste to notepad++. Guess it depends what you’re doing

Filipovich: ElectriX: ” I’m careful and never make mistakes ” == WSOD == unhappy client == panic trying to find the FTP p***word

Filipovich: Gunnaro: for a simple contact form? contact form 7. For something more complex, I like Formidable

Stephen: When Submit, I take to text from the text form and save it to a txt file on the server, or in the database if the former is not allowed in WP. That’s what I need. Easy to to in cl***ic PHP, just not used to WP ;

Filipovich: Gunnaro: Contact Form 7 and the plugin Contact Form DB will do it

Rosal: Gunnaro: This is my favorite WP contact plugin:

Bosley: Awesome, I’ll try it out. Thanks for the info

Filipovich: The latter takes the output from the first and puts in in a table

Filipovich: Gunnaro: first rule of WordPress: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Spend your time on things that make your site unique.

Duberry: It’s kinda went down hill with all the updates though

Mccord: Gunnaro there’s also another interesting thing: shortcodes. You can add those in the theme’s functions.php and call them on pages via shortcodename