Hi all, I am trying to make.

Chaffer: But overall, definitely save yourself time :

Voltz: Johndoe2: Thanks, I’ll check it out also.

Lesinski: Anyone recommend a plugin or way of making the address page on woocommerce do postcode lookup?

Bahr: CMFDesign: http://www.woothemes.com/products/postcodeaddress-validation/

Bahr: For address validation?

Feldstein: You know where you type your postcode

Digrazia: And it comes up with a list of addresses, like that.

Bahr: A list of addresses for a zipcode?

Bahr: Theres a LOT of addresses in a zipcode

Pennelle: So its a postcode, which is ***igned to each street

Francese: CMFDesign try http://bfy.tw/23TS

Vanheel: Johndoe2: That looks suspicious

Bilby: CMFDesign wear a tinfoil cap, you’ll be fine :

Cherchio: Johndoe2: I’m aware of how to use google, but there is no harm in asking for advice on what to use

Fluty: Unfortunately I have no experience with that, but if I were in your shoes, I’d just try plugins and settle on the one I like.

Rolins: I don’t have it to just waste on testing things. Hence me coming here to ask for advice. If you have no experience, you don’t need to comment :

Filipovich: Soemone’s got to maintain that DB

Meurer: Hence why I said “I have no experience”

Filipovich: And if it’s an e-commerce site, presumably you should be making enough money to cover the cost.

Filipovich: Momo_: NO PMs please, without first asking.

Filipovich: IF you want private help, you should be paying for it.

Duverney: Sorry! I wasn’t sure about sharing .htaccess code in here

Jardel: CMFDesign the first result seems to offer a “trial”, so it’s not such a dire situation you’re in.

Filipovich: Momo_: you really should not need the redirect unless google has the default.php URL indexed

Pecukonis: Its people who have it bookmarked to default.php or default.asp

Goltz: Momo_: Simple 301 Redirects – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/simple-301-redirects/

Filipovich: Is another way to do it

Chounlapane: Filipovich Thank you.

Furlough: I had a question about child themes. Do any files in my child theme override their equivalent in the parent? except for the functions.php of course?

Kamiya: Filipovich: You see, my footer.php in my child works, my functions.php works, my style.css works, but my breadcrumbs.php does not

Filipovich: If you have a template file of the same and in the same place in the directory structure, it will be used instead of the one in the parent

Faivre: Now the breadcrumbs.php in the parent theme is in theme/lib folder

Wattley: So i put it in the same location in child

Mabrey: I copy and pasted the file exactly

Longnecker: And then I added my changes

Strotz: But my changes don’t show up

Moors: I’m wondering if it has to do with the fact it’s within an extra folder in the parent?

Filipovich: How is it used? It may be included by a file in the parent theme, and thus not used as a template

Dobrasz: Hmm. I’m a bit of an amateur so I don’t quite know how to answer that

Filipovich: Search the parent for a reference to breadcrumbs.php and see how its invoked

Goulbourne: I may have to call it again in the child if I’d like it to work is what you’re saying?

Filipovich: Sisccl: let’s see how its invoked first rather than making up hypothetical strategies

Filipovich: Meantime. I’ve got to go and run some errands. back in a couple of hours.

Witvoet: Hi all, I am trying to make a temporary archive page for wordpress to show different catagories but I can’t find anything that works to limit the categories. archives order=asc works to show me everything.