GordonRamsay: would look.

Malecki: Might help with deployment, since we don’t follow any version numbering

Sachez: Haaga: Chrome was being a bit too helpful with caching, so I set ver to date and taime

Starrs: Sachez: theres an option in dev tools to disable cache if the dev tools are open

Sachez: Haaga: yes, but when I’m working with other people on the phone and say “OK, everyone, click refresh”, they don’t know they should SHIFT F5. That’s just too much for them.

Hubbard: Fran__: Are you gone?

Blakeway: I’m trying to add a custom field to the wp-signup page

Gilfillan: You’re doing a disservice to one of the greatest chefs to ever live.

Odin: I disagree, I cook a mean spaghetti

Throgmorton: GordonRamsay pie register or register plus might help you

Sachez: GordonRamsay: http://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.stackexchange.com/questions/73258/how-to-customize-the-wp-signup-php-for-a-multisite-network

Hocutt: We need to get Sachez a cape

Throgmorton: Https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/pie-register/

Sachez: We need to find users who know how to ask Google question

Throgmorton: Not sure if it works for multisite though ive only tried it on standalone

Pilla: Well I didn’t even finish my question and I already got an answer :-

Tamborlane: Yeah well normal people can get out of burning buildings okay, but superman still saved them

Cenat: Am I right in ***uming that using the register_form hook won’t work for a multisite?

Mugford: Nvm, I’ll reed that answer first

Sachez: Https://www.google.com/search?q=register+hook+form+multisite

Fleagle: I actually did that, the thing is, using the register_form hook the form doesn’t change at all

Nollora: Hey all looking for some guidance for a custom archive and single post template for a custom post_type. wp_dievar_dumpget_post_typeget_the_ID; is returning “page” instead of my custom post_type https://gist.github.com/Carney/523ad8748529edaccc12

Gunnell: I couldve told you that if I finished my question first :

Helmer: The problem is not that I don’t know how to do it, but I’m apparently doing it wrong

Socha: For testing purposes I added the example given at https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Customizing_the_Registration_Form to my funtions.php of the active theme but it’s not doing anything at all

Simers: GordonRamsay: is it possible the theme you are using has it’s own signup page

Pizzano: I’m just getting the generic two field username/email signup form

Minnaert: GordonRamsay: do you have a link to the site in question?

Talkington: Guimares, it’s on the local dev environment so sorry no

Turnbull: GordonRamsay: well. that makes it infinitely harder to help you

Snith: And for as far as I know it doesn’t, shouldn’t it be having it’s own wp-signup.php then?

Herrand: GordonRamsay: consider pushing to a live dev env/

Throgmorton: GordonRamsay theme my login is also a nice plugin, which themes the login/register to your current theme, im pretty sure it lets you customize extra fields, and works on multisite

Lenzo: Yeah we really really need that, we’ve actually just acquired a new server for just that

Ayre: GordonRamsay: time to get moving on that

Stigsell: Thanks fris, I’m trying to stay away from using too many 3rd party plugins though :-

Trovato: Guimares, sure, small company, can’t do it all :

Halek: Guimares, but could you explain what you’d be looking for if I did have it live?

Peaden: Guimares, maybe it will put me on the right path as where to look for

Quine: GordonRamsay: i am a two person operation nright now and I can somehow manage.

Throgmorton: Nollora what url are you giving to get the page

Niemela: GordonRamsay: would look at the url and the page source for clues as to what page you’re actually looking at