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Throgmorton: Is it your child theme that the enqueue is coming from? it could be a plugin or the parent thats doing it

Trevorrow: I will updte my child theme to see if i can then tell the difference. wasnt sure which was 4.3 and which was 2013.

Kiraly: WorldsEndless: finally got a link up – type ABCDE into the box and you’ll see there is a screen that comes down. my issue is that when the screen goes back up, I need it to reveal new content, so I need to load in the new content with AJAX while the whole animation is going on in the background

Throgmorton: Dunno why 2013 would be in the version ive seen the current date/time being used when people p*** the date param to the version

Throgmorton: If it was 2013 maybe ;

Trevorrow: The parent is 2013.i ***ume it is from there. then not sure why there is a 4.3 reference. that is the WP version, but not sure why style.css woudl refer to it

Throgmorton: Or 2013 version in the enqueue

Trevorrow: The parent is 2013. enque for ‘parent-style’ then the ‘child-style’

Throgmorton: What i meant is the parent theme called 2013 or is that just the version # the enqueue is p***ing

Sachez: You don’t need to enqueue child_style

Sachez: Because style.css in the current theme is automatically loaded.

Trevorrow: IS this outdated? it says Your child theme’s stylesheet will usually be loaded automatically. If it is not, you will need to enqueue it as well. I had some issues with my stylesheet rules not being applied until i enqued it as mentioned on that page

Nollora: Fris: Any other thoughts for me?

Trevorrow: Fris – the parent is the wordpress twentythirteen

Sachez: Trevorrow: what’s your URL?

Throgmorton: Trevorrow child yes, parent not always

Throgmorton: Twentytwelve ify ou create a child theme the parent wont load, you need to add that

Throgmorton: Wp_enqueue_style’twentytwelve-style’, get_template_directory_uri . ‘/style.css’;

Throgmorton: Would need to be done for 2012

Sachez: Trevorrow: I’ve lost track. What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

Trevorrow: My original question was just on knowing how to use the info in developer tools to know which stylesheet is which.

Trevorrow: Original: does anyone know the meaning of the ver=4.3.1 or ver=2013-07. that appears in developer tools when looking at CSS for wordpress? screenshot

Sachez: Trevorrow: please pastebin the part of functions.php where you enqueue style sheets

Sachez: By the way, your tag like “Just another wordpress site” shows up in the page title!

Sachez: You probably don’t want that.

Trevorrow: Http://

Sachez: Interesting. It seems that “child-style” is doing Benzing. I don’t see any reason for that line being there.

Sachez: It’s NOT what’s in the codex.

Tuttle: Sachez: if that style is registered it can be enqueued like that

Schupp: Either we’re missing a register or he just didn’t add the file’s path

Sachez: Is “child-style” automatically registered?

Sachez: There’s really no need for it anyway

Trevorrow: Hi Sachez parameters are optional, and the child theme loads properly. my question is on the info i sent for the extensions. if i get more time i will play around with giving optional strings to see if it changes, but thought someone may already know the answer

Sachez: It would seem that the ?xxxx is the file date

Combs: Whatever’s doing the enqueue is setting the version number to the date

Sachez: I sometimes use that for the version when I’m in “heavy development”

Duston: Never thought about doing that tbh

Siglar: One of our sites is behind some heavy cloudflare caching