Forbidd3n check the.

Yuengling: Or googling your error, obviously

Lunsford: Some other ****ytics questoin.

Lunsford: Imagine you have 10 websites

Dunnaway: I’d be much less busy :

Lunsford: And each of them is having the sam e a href=”#”Link To Free 10 000 dollarsa/

Lunsford: How can I track on which website how many people have clicked that link.

Lunsford: Is that possible to manage that for all 10?

Lunsford: In 1 ****ytics dashboard

Portman: This is not a support channel for Google ****ytics

Babick: Any good recommendations for cleaning the media library? just checking if uploaded media have references in the db and if not removing them or similar?

Jeng: Eddq: I’ve seen several plugins but haven’t tried any yet. Getting close, though. I have one over-media’d site that needs an orphan purge

Lunsford: Hmm after a git pull -composer update

Babick: Jeng: looks to keep coming up. not amazing ratings though

Desotel: Hello, I’m cleaning my GTMetrix report, but one part looks that it does not want to solve

Lascurain: PAgeSpeed : Remove query strings from static resources

Bartin: I use CloudFlare NoQuery setting, I added code in function . php, I added a plugin that should remove those query strings

Macon: How do I overwritte a plug-in function in my functions.php file please?

Boers: I’m unable too remove those

Jeng: Catuca: in your parent theme’s functions.php?

Brannigan: Hey everyone, I’m trying to create a dashboard widget that contains the sidebar widget editor for a specific sidebar, but I’m having problems even getting the contents of the existing sidebar widgets. I’m using get_option’sidebars_widgets’ to get a list of all the widgets but I’m unsure how I can use that information to actually get the contents and then to actually update them

Kessenich: To make it an actual question, does anyone know of any plugin that might offer similar functionality or how to access the data myself?

Jeng: Nialcen: you’re being OCD about this!

Seepersaud: If anyone is curious as to why I want to do this, on this specific site the widgets will probably be the most updated content it’s displaying todays lunch for a restaurant and having it being behind many menus and un-expanded will be a bit annoying in the long run

Parent: Jeng : No, just a hobby when I ended a big dev’ part

Morelock: That’s quite funny to optimize this stuff

Jeng: But your page load time is 4.1s so it seems you’re looking at the wrong thing to optimize!

Mapes: Jeng : yeah but you know, I understand and quite ok with the others points, and with main optimisation I have to produce, but I’m asking here about problems I have trouble to solve :

Pusser: I noticed that login into the WP dashoard recently the left menu links start moving around disapearing etc, is this a known issue ?

Heckathorn: VectorX: It sort of is, it’s a Chrome bug #33199

Giambalvo: Jiron:

Brookings: Jeng: Just a maintenance release though, Halcom critical =

Jeng: 3 highlighted security issues

Heidecker: Thanks Jiron i feared having to explain this to a lot of people and not knowing what was causing it

Tavares: VectorX: We’re expecting a Chrome hotfix to land some time this week judging by their statements

Delallo: We are all holding our breaths for it ;

Jeng: The auto-update messages are starting to roll in!

Fierros: Look like I’m one of them

Butkovich: When trying to update wordpress it keeps saying can’t create directory. I set 777 on wp-content and wp-content/upgrade directory and it works. Is there a way that I don’t have to do this everytime I have to update wp or plugins?

Manners: Forbidd3n check the user/group, if the server/php process runs as a use who has access to the dirs