I’m using Fabric.JS and I.

Pushcar: It fuzzy searches, so spelling is not that big of a deal ;

Defusco: Can it search file contents as well?

Zalewski: Baxx not, but you can right-click on a folder and choose “search in folder”

Maddy: There is also built in activated by ctrl+p, lol

Waetzig: There probable is a shortcut for that as well

Defusco: Hmm, fair enough. Yeah, thought it might have a sort of grep / ag function as well

Nepomuceno: Zumba_ad_ https://gist.github.com/eteanga/1736542 — it’s for SBT2 but most of them are the same

Klemke: For osx: https://gist.github.com/lucasfais/1207002

Kamelamela: Anyway, I’m outta here — se you tomorrow.

Elvis: Baxx: the collision code is basically the textbook definition for elastic collisions. the last part about percent and slop is to account for floating point error in the simulation

Elvis: Although my accounting for it is a bit inaccurate tbh

Elvis: Well the whole thing is a bit inaccurate

Defusco: Tcsc: yeah the title covers any errors though ;

Walken: What is the best way to wait for something to happen? I have an repeated ajax call that must not restart until the previous execution is done successfully.

Defusco: What is the best way to wait for something to happen? I call that living.

Salach: Back, just had a meeting

Defusco: Any tips on ‘watchin’ a variable in the debugger? I thought it might freeze when it’s value changed or something but it doesn’t seem to do much

Elvis: The watch expressions just allows you do view more complex expressions as they update

Elvis: More complex than a variable

Elvis: E.g. you could do 1.0/foo.bar

Elvis: What are you looking to do?

Defusco: Oh right – i thought I could watch a value so that when it incremented it would give me a heads up or something

Elvis: That might be useful but isn’t how it works

Defusco: No worries, I’ll keep mashing f8 and breakpoints

Elvis: There’s https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Object/watch in firefox, but it’s only in firefox and makes the code slower

Elvis: It’s for debugging use thoguh

Saechao: What is the best way to wait for something to happen? I have an repeated ajax call that must not restart until the previous execution is done successfully.

Elvis: But that’s like nowhere atm to my knowledge

Elvis: Either way debugging code sounds to me like one of the few reasonable uses of Proxy

Defusco: Cool – I’ll probably try and get used to the default one a bit first

Elvis: I’d recommend not using either of those

Elvis: Mainly because they’re really weird.

Defusco: Does firefox seem to remember old breakpoints ? Sometimes theres nothing there but it still seems to hang where I previously put one

Defusco: Actually I think I’m probably doing something daft here

Walkowiak: Anybody know if it’s possible to take fingerprint using the digitalpersonal device?

Reineck: Baxx: I’ve noticed sometimes the debug tools go a bit bonkers with breakpoints and stop in random places

Reineck: Usually if you open a new tab and close the current one will fix it

Halgrimson: I received a javascript virus im figuring via email

Stachowiak: I was wondering if anyone was interested in telling me how it works

Gerdts: Https://gist.github.com/djvs/880497bc656f707d6484

Sark: Seems to be some kind of bytecode injection thing

Defusco: Tcsc: this is what I mean : http://sendvid.com/ph0lzog1 see at around 10 seconds

Reineck: Et09: it does something with ActiveXObject

Reineck: I pasted the whole thing into node and I got an error about it

Rosenbush: I’m using Fabric.JS and I need to load all fonts fonts.css before displaying the canvas. How could I do that?