Exairnous, for a single.

Dickstein: Which you can customise

Gahring: Hmmmm, ok, thanks for the advice, I will look into it

Buntrock: Hi, I have a problem with the p***word reset email. network_site_url seems to strip the spaces out of my usernames e.g. User Name becomes UserName, so the link causes an invalid key error. Any suggestions?

Hojczyk: Hello I have a question about a site I am working on with wordpress ‘onetone theme’ is there a easier way to add a button where the sitename underneath it , I can provide a link of the site I am working on

Demattos: No rush, this is my first time inquiring on here.

Kaucher: Wigdor: still around?

Sugg: Don’t I wouldn’t use spaces in usernames Exairnous cause it’s a really bad practice and depending on the setup it could really cause a problem. Use underscores, periods or an email address for the username.

Karwowski: Lycanii, can you be a little more specific and possibly list the site URL?

Peveler: Yes of course LatoSans1, I just didn’t want to break any rules as I am new here.

Champoux: Thanks for your response btw.

Szoc: Sandslope.lifecoach.com

Delmoro: Site doesn’t work for me.

Gilsdorf: In the upperleft I want to replace Counselling & Psychology with a button

Shimon: WordPress allows spaces in usernames by default and the site has thousands of users, is there any way to take spaces out of already registered usernames?

Schenck: Ooops wrong link sorry been a long day of studying

Constante: Lifecoach.sandslope.com

Coon: Wigdor: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nrqohhojv2u4ox3/Important%20MainWP%20Security%20Update.pdf?dl=0

Delmoro: Lycanii, so basically you want to put the button on the header next to the menu links? You can do that by adding a CSS cl*** within the WordPress Admin – Menu – Screen Options in the upper-right hand – Show Advanced Menu Properties – Then add a CSS cl***.

Abrantes: Khu, I can prevent new usernames from containing spaces, but what about existing ones?

Kostic: Yeah but you see where it say Counselling & Psychology

Villasana: I want to replace it with a button

Kuckens: Underneat the site name

Kutsch: And ill just resize the button and so on I couldn’t figure out how to do it , and I imagine ti should be simple through wordpress I am still new to it, but i have programming and html css background

Mullett: SO I was looking through admin-options.php with the editor and changing some things

Eckmeyer: Got everything else in line except figuring out how to get that button up there

Kisro: I’m reading a book PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites, loving it so far its giving me a greater understanding of it all. Its just something on the list I need to get done and move on , also have alot of courses I need to attend too

Scisco: Lycanii: a site that starts sound without the user asking for it is pretty unpleasant. Are you using the free or pro version of the theme?

Huelskamp: Lycanii: but probably the best place for help with this theme is here: http://www.mageewp.com/forums/onetone/

Delmoro: Exairnous, doing a little digging and testing. Standby.

Delmoro: Exairnous, odd cause I’m not getting this problem within WordPress. What version of WordPress you using? You using any other plugins with it? Seems like there may be something sanatizing the usernames during reset email.

Dirado: Khu, I’m using the latest WordPress and lots of plugins, and I’m pretty sure it’s the network_site_rul function that’s doing it. Are spaces allowed in usernames in a fresh WordPress install?

Delmoro: Just when I was going to hit enter on my keyboard with a nice explaination. :

Delmoro: Exairnous, for a single site install yes it’s allowed I just tested it. I know in older versions it was sanatized https://core.trac.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/browser/branches/3.5/wp-login.php. I’m not sure about current multisite, but wouldn’t think it’s a problem. Have you tried having a separate mirrored install of your site for testing purposes, then see if it’s the plugins causing the problem by disabling them?