I did everything by the.

Sawyer: I was saying the p****r was stupid, but good thought. :

Fonua: Turns out it gets confused if you use a reserved word as a table alias. So actually that’s pretty reasonable.

Nave: If you call your inner query ‘inner’ it’s like ‘inner group by? Wha?’

Nafziger: Should I be basing my schema on this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_Vault_Modeling

Swerdlow: Because it says it’s a db design intented to provide long term historical data

Redhead: While in my case social network, most data is what the call ‘hot data’ which is basically recent events. Evrything one month old is pretty rarely seen.

Varieur: JFlash: I’m not sure you should separate the concept of ‘event’ and ‘comment’

Brener: Do you mean I should store each and evry action on the site in a single big table?

Varieur: JFlash: no, but an event is not a comment.

Hopp: A comment is an event in on the site that will end up on ppls timelines

Varieur: If a comment is an event, what else is an event?

Varieur: Also, is this social network a real public project, and if so, what will be its name?

Culton: I’m open to calling it ThumbsNet if you keep helping me out, y’ve been great

Varieur: I was planning on avoiding it, actually.

Schlink: An event is evrything can end up in ppls newsfeeds

Varieur: Well, ‘event’ can have attendees – so I don’t think it should be the same thing as a comment.

Zomer: Like in . ‘mary is attending a conference near your today’. or ‘ Justin Bieber just updated his profile photo”

Comissiong: No it’s not an event in the sense that ppl attent to it. event as in action

Clemon: And before you ask, no, I’m not 15 and I’m not a fan 😀

Paschal: I need help in mysql on debian

Hokkanen: I’m getting this error creating a mail server database

Strelow: You probably have a wrong p***word in /root/.my.cnf

Varieur: Asterismo: provide the correct root p***word.

Liukkonen: Or some other configuration file

Nockai: You need to specify the p***word. use the -p option to mysql

Varieur: Danblack: using. YES means that he provided it.

Majmundar: True. mind elsewhere. better focus there :-

Messerly: I’ll better get my pendulum, I feel a p***word recovery coming

Hnat: Asterismo: Stop the mysqld server, add ‘skip-grant-tables=1’ to my.cnf under mysqld, start the mysqld server, connect using ‘mysql -u root’ and do ‘use mysql;’ then do ‘UPDATE user SET P***word = P***WORD’new_pwd’ WHERE User = ‘root’ AND Host=’localhost’;’, clean up my.cnf and restart the mysqld server, test with ‘mysql -u root -p’ by entering your new p***word at the prompt. threnody

Raisin: Varieur: what do u mean by “clean up my.cnf”?

Varieur: Asterismo: remove what you added just before.

Roles: How do i quit mysql prompt?

Benezra: Asterismo: The enter key or return key is not a substitute for punctuation. Use a period ‘.’, comma ‘,’, colon ‘:’, semi-colon ‘;’ emdash’–‘, or elipsis ‘.’ instead. In other words: DON’T HIT ENTER UNTIL YOU’RE DONE.

Anast: It’s all good bruh, happy labor day.

Thorpe: Asterismo, don’t be alarmed by the bot

Luttman: No, totally fine, i get that in other channels as well

Rangel: I’m trying to change it, but it is hard

Campoverde: No worries, happy labor day if you are working cl*** ;

Varieur: Oh, I agree. Easy on the enter key.

Raupp: This is a stupid question, but how do I turn off mysql on a windows 7 developer laptop

Varieur: Buddd: depend on how it was installed / started

Gutteridge: I am trying all these commands in both the windows command prompt and the mysql command prompt and nothing is happening except error messages

Goleman: I did everything by the book