Dopazo: Thx. So this is.

Lokan: I’ve been baking an apple pear crisp.

Castelo: I got WP installed just fine

Nanke: Thanks for your help!

Simonds: Apple-pear crisp? What’s that, like a cobbler?

Ritchko: I’m trying to find a good theme right now. I need something very simple and responsive.

Cromie: I made a child-theme from radcliffe and i’ve been enjoying it

Woodley: Simple and responsive

Deluzio: I can’t seem to install themes here

Kientz: It’s a local dev server

Ihrig: Asking me for a hostname

Rokosz: I mean, the WordPress install page is asking me for a hostname

Caden: I need to set up an FTP server to install themes?

Them: I guess I could just download it and manually copy it to my server’s root directory

Decio: Anyon here got experience with creating metaboxes using the object

Gotshall: I use two shortcodes in my post. First a, and then b. No matter if I reverse order of a and b, a is always displayed as second, and b is always first

Staffen: Is there a way to explicitly force order of shortcode?

Silvernail: Are you sure the shortcode simply doesn’t use css to force position itself?

Llewlyn: I guess he uses echo in one of the shortcodes

Conboy: Llewlyn: I use echos in my plugin

Legum: That is connected with shortcode

Llewlyn: If you set up a shortcode, you need to use return instead of echo

Llewlyn: Inside the shortcode function

Orn: Llewlyn: thank you, now it works

Balderston: Dopazo: My PHP Broswer detect plugin is very temporamental. Works for an while, then stops without me making any changes

Pennix: Ycon_: Google result for PHP Mobile Detect –

Kellem: Ah but its not a plugin?

Radsky: Why do you need a plugin

Shum: Oh really? Well I made a custom page tempalte which I want redirected. Where do I need to paste what? In functions.php?

Struber: Wherever you intended to use the original plugin functions. just use mobile detect’s

Lanzafame: Do I don’t need to put their files anywhere on my site? I’m pretty new to php so its appreaciated

Casa: Do I just drop the Mobile.Detect.php file into my WP folder then use if $detect-isiOS {my code}

Benshoof: You know the site’s first page actually tells you what to do

Shadiack: Require_once the file

Mccabe: And then initialise a Mobile_Detect object

Milnes: And of course you’d need their files on your site

Telep: If you want a plugin – there are some, see–submit-new

Saglimben: Yes I saw that. But I’d prefer to get a better understanding on how to do this properly. I know you say its written on their site but I am not undetsanding it.

Crook: I just told you. If you don’t understand what require_once is, just google it

Demas: We’re not really into teaching PHP here my friend. Try ##php

Mccraight: Ok. In terms of WP, do I just add it the mobile detect folder to my WP themes folder?

Froiland: If it’s theme specific, sure put it into your active theme folder

Llewlyn: Dangit … although I unregister_nav_menu’primary’ in a child theme, that Primary menu still shows up as menu position in appearance menus.

Llewlyn: Hooked into after_setup_theme

Llewlyn: In that same function I registered three menus and that seems to work

Ritz: Set priority after registration

Crew: Eg. 10 for registration and 20 for unregister

Barth: Dopazo: Thx. So this is right? Or do I need to define the directory where require_once looks