Carney: alternatively you.

Crumwell: You have to setup at strato to point to the same directory as your original site

Guevana: Limonade, so domain is mapped to the site?

Maccabe: Ah, Crumwell was right

Quinzi: In WP, how do I insert a PHP variable on a page? I want to shoe the user ID of the user currently logged in. I thought this would be a trivial thing to do, however, I have been googling around and did not find anyone who do this. I mean, I can code PHP, but not sure how to put PHP code into a page. When I insert PHP code on a page it gets filtered away.

Terrebonne: Tdn: you do NOT want to put PHP inside of the content box. there are a million ways to do it properly in WP

Rumfelt: Tdn: it depends on what your setup is and hwat youre trying to achieve on what page

Wensel: Tdn:

Sachez: Tdn: the easiest way is to use a shortcode.

Sachez: Tdn: throw together a quick plugin file to make the shortcode or less preferred drop it into your functions.php file

Gilfillan: Https://

Gilfillan: Https://

Gilfillan: Https://

Pichler: Carefull get_current_userinfo is going to return EVERYTHING including the p***word for that user!

Sachez: Apparently another person who does not know how to say “thank you”

Sachez: Asked a question at :34, got several replies, now at :43, has not responded.

Gilfillan: Oh well, “thanks” to me is an insult.

Gilfillan: I prefer pure digital silence.

Sachez: I think some acknowledgment is polite.

Gilfillan: Or lenswipee’s running commentary and games.

Gilfillan: A guy that never helps anyone here and never asks any wp questions. just comes in to tell everyone “opsec ****s”

Gilfillan: Goota love the haphazzard and arbitrary way “rules” are applied here ;

Sachez: It would be nice to know if what response one makes helps. because, as you know, I often miss keywords in questions. :-

Tschoepe: I pm’d tdn and it took like an hour or whatever for a response hes prolly just away

Sachez: If you ask a question and walk away within one minute, you should be on your way to go f*** yourself.

Gilfillan: Lots of disrepect and “crazy” all around.

Carnevale: Truly the weirdest discussion I’ve been in.

Gilfillan: There needs to be more Luxans here.

Gilfillan: They won’t take any bs.

Sachez: Have not been able to get into farscape

Carney: Hey guys. I’ve got a custom archive template I need to p*** meta data to for the pate title and meta title. How can I do that?

Hackett: Carney: what do you mean “meta title” ?

Jenious: Carney: you have to give more descriptive use cases for questions like these.

Boarts: Carney: something like ‘I have a CPT named book and on my archive page I want to list all of the books with their titles PLUS a custom field called “author” for each book.

Deslauriers: Example of a good question

Carney: I need the archive template for all of those podcasts to have a “Page Title”.

Carney: So, rightn now the single-podcast.php template is outputing the “post” title. How can I specify the title for the archive template which lists them all?

Laclaire: Crumwell, yeah, missed sites corrective factor.

Laurange: Carney:

Vaine: Carney:

Quinzi: Poiz, opsec Guimares, et al. Thanks.

Leatham: Carney: alternatively you can simply write out the archive title hardcoded if you have a custom template file just for that CPT