Hey all im having a problem.

Carles: Choose not frameworks

Ferner: Holodoc yup, “already works” is the fun part of it

Dousay: Scot, Experience is not the problem here it’s just for 10+ years I never felt the urge to use a CSS framework.

Leggs: But web design has come to a point where things change fast. Really really fast.

Heckathorne: Holodoc in your case, I think you’ll do much better without a framework

Freels: Scot, Somehow I am also incclined to believe that would be a better decision.

Sprinzl: I’ll drop by ##bootstrap too just to hear the other side :

Sweigart: Holodoc take this example, I started with bootstrap because it provided a responsive navbar and also had a slider. turns out the slider is not as efficient as owl’s or others and the nav bar was a pain in the *** to customize. so. might look like it’s good for the features that you end up not using :

Carcia: Scot, Yeah I also have the feeling it takes way more time to figure the framework out than to write your own code.

Manalili: Although I think it wouldn’t be a bad decision for quick prototyping?

Vanbeveren: Making quick mockups.

Viera: As long as you dont want an exact look and feel

Applebee: That requires customization of each border/color/roundness etc

Goonen: Using it as-is sounds fine for quick prototyping

Ormsbee: Is my discussion client outputting all those nics in the channel?

Delahunt: Looks like some HexChat plugin went nuts coo-coo again :

Kivisto: Hard to tell what you are seeing, a nick list on the left/right /

Hansel: If you cant see a huge list of nicks i entered just a minute ago in this channel then its on my side

Tisinger: List of autocompletion posibilities

Vahey: Responsive approach I think completely eliminated any chance of actually creating precise layouts.

Renfrow: Don’t think “pixel precise” layouts are even viable anymore.

Schlesselman: You only have to take advantage of the new paradigm

Pano: Especially with so many general inconsistencies between devices.

Speckman: Well. new for me . I dont do html/css since 2001

Croon: I went through a lot of phases since my first time. That would be when HTML 3.2 was top of the line 😀

Pikey: Anyway I am off to bugger folks at ##boostrap. Thanks for your input once again.

Marquina: How do I center a background image? I use background-position: center; but when the window is scrolled, the background image moves with the scrollbar.

Gaiters: Background-attachment

Barrowman: Hm, for some reason, firefox doesn’t render the whole window.

Maloof: Just the part when the scrollbar is to the left.

Reinhold: Kuribas, In order to help, we need a URL to the live site or a testcase that demonstrates the problem. Please don’t make us log in or create accounts. See paste for paste sites

Gaumond: Kuribas, Preferred live pastebins: http://jsfiddle.net/http://codepen.io/http://paste.asmcbain.net/http://www.webdevout.net/test/

Pradhan: Kuribas: http://www.webdevout.net/test?04ek&raw

Cargo: Http://jsfiddle.net/nny92pLq/

Colagiovanni: Kuribas: there’s no image there

Timmreck: How do I upload them?

Thornborough: THough you can already see the text is being broken off.

Fisger: Kuribas: you can just provide a valid url to it

Lewerke: Http://kuribas.hcoop.net/website-main.html

Sever: Hm, there is something wrong with the footer.

Chaires: Hi! I’m trying to position some text on the top right of an image and somehow I’m struggling

Poletski: Here’s what I’ve done: http://cssdeck.com/labs/6ujnqmnt

Mauch: Hey all im having a problem themeing a superfish menu. i want to set a different color for each menu item andeach sub item should inherit the parent color. would anybody have a look at the menu for me to see what im missing?