Canestraro: and this can do.

Noblitt: But when i click edit privileges to change the p***word, i don’t have the option there

Bellmore: Guys, I’ve a challenge for thee

Medved: You can run a SQL query to change it

Payamps: Not really a WordPress question, is it?

Marreel: Perhaps it’s just restricted by the webhost?

Arrigo: I need a weird permalink structure – is what I have now, I need it to be

Bastow: Server config isn’t an issue here, I’m on a dedi.

Mccutchen: Pixolin: I get the feeling the client has changed something and wont admit it

Barlow: Huh? that looks like some misconfiguration. like you missed to set up something.

Medved: Norbin: Something along the lines of, UPDATE wordpress.user SET P***word=P***WORD’newp***word’ WHERE User=’usernamehere’ AND Host=’localhost’;

Strimback: Micalm: hm, that would be a subdomain for each post?

Dohrmann: Jaaqo: and that will have effect on the actual DB user, not wp_users user right? since I named both users the same, confusing me a bit

Subido: Pixolin: a fixed list of subpages, to be specific. I don’t want to launch a new wordpress for pages which’ll only differ in small details, with the same theme etc.

Medved: Norbin: Well weren’t you changing the database p***word? What p***word do you want to change

Vilhauer: Jaaqo: it’s very simple. I have a WP installed, config.php has “db_user = shay” and “db_name = wordpress“, and “db_p***word = xxx”. i want to change the “xxx” p***word to something more secured.

Medved: Norbin: wordpress.user means user table in wordpress database, and user table is for handling database p***words unrelated to wordpress

Yeo: Hello. I’m lost as to where my WordPress has disappeared to? had it’s IP address changed, and now there’s a 404 error.

Egle: Issues that apprently do allow data to be saved but spit out odd lines of code

Roads: Pixolin: I can see the problem is the directory of the sendmail.php but I have no idea how to find files or edit the code in wordpress, so many URL rewrites

Searchfield: Trying to reach the original developer on it as I did not code this. Or not entirely.

Beltran: Pixolin: sorry had to go out quick and missed your response. actually im running a proprietary theme that handles the wp_query ,

Medved: Norbin in that case I’d run a query on the wordpress database: UPDATE wordpress.user SET P***word=P***WORD’newsecuresuperbp***word’ WHERE User=’shay’;

Furth: Jaaqo: it gave me an error that i don’t have a table called wordpress.user, but i managed to change it via the GUI of phpmyadmin, i just had to click on “users” from the main page, and not from the actual wordpress DB

Durke: And I just changed the p***word there, edited wp-config.php

Spoth: Like, it’s in mysql.user

Petrov: Although the database wordpress is configured with is “wordpress

Medved: Thus shay has access to full mysql instead of just wordpress

Medved: But guess it’s fine then

Langmo: Not sure, it says in the type “database-specific”

Medved: Ah alright I don’t use phpmyadmin don’t really know how it handles things

Sprau: Btw that’s default installation, i didn’t really mess with anything while installing

Vanhevel: But yeah shay is me so all is good ;p

Laberpool: Anyone in here got any experience with building woocommerce sites within wordpress? Just had a customer ask about API for automatic stock updates from supplier.never heard of it before.

Beltran: I have problem with search and there are results that gives results on more than one page. “%#%” won’t translate to pagenumber, instead it becomes “%3Fs%3D” , how come?

Rehse: CMFDesign: WooCommerce has it’s own API

Wadden: CMFDesign: Google result for woocommerce product api –

Garwood: Canestraro: and this can do stock updates for client/supplier relationships?