Nessler: Http://

Janisch: Elirips: use multiple box-shadow for the outter box

Auclair: Elirips: and use an HR for the inner stuff

Dibartolomeo: Swander: you think it should be possible using a hr? because the “inner” black thing of the hr should overlapp the box-shadow of the outer parts, and I doubt I can get that

Eddins: Chez: most likely, you would need to separate each ‘column’ so that the ‘rows’ are no longer related

Eddins: Or use some JS trickery to offset their position with top when the thing is opened

Eddins: First option would be simpler

Schmidtka: It is 4 50% width floated divs in a container

Eddins: So you’d need to adjust that

Eddins: As I said before, you’d need to put the two ‘left’ items into a left-floated container, the two right ones into a separate container

Eddins: Then, the size of each thing will not affect the position of the other

Numbers: Ah yeah of course. i could write a function to spit out of the CMS oddly and evenly but was hoping to avoid that

Eddins: Chez: you could use absolute positioning :

Moock: I ***ume the same would happen

Eddins: You still have rows being related

Eddins: You could also look at css columns I guess

Eddins: Might actually be a god option

Tourtillott: They’re not heavily supported though are they

Eddins: Http://

Eddins: Everything you care about is supported

Eddins: May just need some vendor prefixes

Puhl: Parent = position: relative – div-long_text = position:absolute; & div-short_text = position: absolute; display:none – so both divs overlap. but the parent doesn’t take into account the height of divs’ short_text/long_text.

Granada: Http://

Bridger: Green text should show up below the blue/red text. :/

Monnett: Http://

Eddins: Dan2k3k4: abs pos elements are removed from the do***ent flow

Eddins: Other elements do not know about them

Harken: Eddins, hmm, so the parent element would never know about the children?

Eddins: I mean, #next does not know about #parent

Torino: Is there another way to set both children to the top of the parent element ? so they both overlap?

Kahae: Ah oops – in my example I swapped abs/relative abs was for children – but it seems both ways don’t work

Eddins: The parent will adjust to accomodate its relative positined children, but the parent will not affect the #next div

Colucci: Because if I do relative for parent + children, when I ‘switch’ between the two, I get a sort of close effect of 0 height. and ideally I just want to ‘add’ the missing text

Jakes: I suppose I could set the ‘missing text’ elem to only contain the ‘missing text’ and then just show/hide one element, but my function cuts the words with ‘.’

Eddins: Dan2k3k4: this is #css…

Mcarthun: Hi guys, i’m trying multiple backgrounds, but add an extra background for a specific cl*** on top of existing backgrounds? i tried “background: inherit, new_background_def;” but that didn’t work

Maynes: Background: linear-gradientto bottom, #EEE 0%, #CCC 100% repeat scroll 0% 0%, transparent url”/images/tick.png” no-repeat scroll 4px center;

Eddins: AL13N_work: can you share a URL?

Yerkey: AL13N_work ## if not, Preferred live pastebins:

Ennals: Anyone know how to do an image in jsfiddle?

Pfeiff: Http://

Donica: I donno how to do an image though

Eddins: AL13N_work: lorempixel