Based on the URL, that.

Lloyd: I tweeted at author and he indicated no issues going from v1.0 to 1.1.1 on his plugin

Starkie: Anyway the wp_get_post_terms returns a slew of entries indicating invalid_taxonomy for each

Likar: In a dump of #videoTerms

Wethern: Blakespot, i put “video” early and meant “videos” didn’t see the plural

Wethern: Well if it says taxonomy doesn’t exist, and you found ‘videos’ to be what it’s looking for– then you need to find out why videos no longer exists.

Wethern: If it’s an error by the plugin author, then they certainly need to be made aware. or just get a diff plugin

Siple: It’s looking for ‘videos’

Gosewisch: And there are four ‘videos’ records in the wp_term_taxonomy table

Grabe: They ***ociate with the post ids in wp_term_relationships table

Bottrell: Edwin related to any of this in the small wp_terms table

Helfrich: Whether there should be or not.

Domiano: Sterndata, ? did you read about my new problem?

Janas: ObjectWP_Error#1652 2 {“errors”=array1 { “invalid_taxonomy”= array1 { 0=string16 “Invalid taxonomy”} .

Oberg: You have a new problem, AbuDhar?

Creach: Part of the resultset

Semonis: Sterndata, yeah tried a few but none allow the editing of pages

Burick: Wamphyri: why do you want an external page editor?

Sardinha: External wp editor that does it all would be nice lol

Weed: Wamphyri: does it all — what does that mean?

Shandy: Notice: register_sidebar er kaldt forkert. id blev ikke fundet i listen med attributter til din “” sidebar. Standarden “” benyttes i stedet. Du skal manuelt sætte id til “” for at skjule denne meddelelse og beholde det eksisterende indhold i din sidebar. Se Fejlsøgning i WordPress for at finde flere oplysninger. Denne meddelelse blev tilføjet i version 4.2.0. in /public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3622. it says th

Sirmon: At register_sidebar is called incorrectly and I checked many files for this register_sidebar with “” id but I couldn’t find it. I searched inside the atom editor

Sweaney: AbuDhar: Please attempt to disable all plugins, and use one of the default Twenty* themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

Podgurski: Hey, i have a single-packages.php file that returns null on get_header

Nicholason: What could be the possible cause of that?

Gorelick: Sterndata, allows you edit and orginize your menu’s theme, posts, catagories, pages externally from qwordpress but allows you to sync with wordpress

Adell: Sterndata, but that doesn’t solve the problem : the error will still be there even if I disable the plugin. It will reappear if I enable the plugin again.

Ballez: You can use the REST API to write your own front end, Wamphyri, but I think you’d confuse the heck out of any client.

Dancel: Right, AbuDhar. that’s NOT the goal. The goal is to find out which plugin or theme is CAUSING the problem.

Zlotnick: This theme is a mess tbh. it was filled with bugs when I bought it. I know it’s not your problem but I just wanted to say it. Don’t buy it ever 😀

Badour: If you switch to twentyfifteen, does the problem go away?

Brickett: Sterndata, yes it does!

Skattebo: OK, now we know the problem is in your theme.

Montey: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by output started at /var/www/ in /var/www/ on line 1207 also have this error every time I try to change theme.

Endreson: I asked you “What’s the theme”

Pinkey: Circles WordPress Theme

Semke: Sterndata, i ment for me lol

Tiwald: And have you disabled ALL plugins

Maciasz: wordpress-multipurpose-theme-circles/4739370">Http://

Wethern: Based on the URL, that theme must be stellar ;