Blakespot, surely your.

Hammell: AbuDhar: String locator –

Nordeen: Search for “primary sidebar”

Pereria: Fernholz: opsec: I don’t want the code to be colored. I want it to 1 Have a colored background block around the text 2 Have the lines that are too long automatically make a scrolbar for the block 3 Easy to copy/paste. Which plugin do I want?

Nordeen: That’s what it’s complaining about

Nordeen: Soreau: you can do whatever you want with crayon. coloured or not./

Azotea: Opsec, I think you are looking at the wrong error. This is my error: Notice: register_sidebar er kaldt forkert. id blev ikke fundet i listen med attributter til din “” sidebar. Standarden “” benyttes i stedet. Du skal manuelt sætte id til “” for at skjule denne meddelelse og beholde det eksisterende indhold i din sidebar. Se Fejlsøgning i WordPress for at finde flere oplysninger. Denne meddelelse blev tilføjet i version 4.2.0.

Caraig: In /public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3622

Bonifacio: It doesn’t say anything about Primary sidebar

Nordeen: Notice: register_sidebar was called incorrectly. No id was set in the arguments array for the “Primary Sidebar” sidebar. Defaulting to “sidebar-1”. Manually set the id to “sidebar-1” to silence this notice and keep existing sidebar content. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. This message was added in version 4.2.0. in /home6/simusici/public_html/tvfilmaccounting/buddypress/wp-incl

Nordeen: Udes/functions.php on line 3560

Nordeen: 12:52:49 AbuDhar its basically this error.

Nordeen: I was looking at that.

Schindeldecke: Yeah that’s the English translation of it hehe

Piserchio: But it’s not my error.

Gillette: I just took it from some forum.

Nordeen: Then that helps Edwin at all.

Launelez: Opsec: I installed crayon and wrapped the lines in pre tags, it’s still not behaving as I expect

Turturro: No scroll bars, the text that is too long goes on the next line

Nordeen: Soreau: you can’t just “install it” and walk away, you’ll need to configure it.

Hourani: Could you suggest me a nice plugin to have a kind of intro image that allows then to enter the real site ?

Weatherill: Opsec: Well can you help me with it?

Stem: I want it to 1 Have a colored background block around the text 2 Have the lines that are too long automatically make a scrolbar for the block 3 Easy to copy/paste

Younkins: Right now 2 is the problem

Victoria: Opsec, it’s weird huh? 😀

Kovacevic: What a good external page editor for wp?

Naftali: Soreau: set css a max-height and overflow

Amstrong: SeriousMatters: I got it now thanks

Hannaway: I have a Vimeo plugin that makes “video posts” and the posts aren’t rendering after a series of updates

Wethern: Have you contacted the author?

Prinn: Tracing it down I get invalid taxonomy on a call to wp_get_post_terms

Perpall: I see I have the same taxonomy name “videos” in the wp_term_Taxonomy table four times, four records

Vinyard: Does that seems odd in general?

Faisca: Whats a good image gallery ?

Kirschman: Trying to wp_get_post_terms for term ‘videos’ and there are four records in the table with term = videos

Wethern: Blakespot, is there a register_taxonomy anywhere that is registering “video” ?

Liegler: Wamphyri: external page editor? For code?

Wethern: Blakespot, if the taxonomy is in the database, that means it could be unused data or old

Pridgett: Yea I am looking at the db

Wethern: If you create a taxonomy, add terms and then delete the taxonomy, then you will have your terms still stored and linked, but WP won’t ever do anything with them

Wethern: Blakespot, surely your plugin didn’t just drop the taxonomy ha