And want to group by the.

Bahr: Bu***and: i’m like a managed support admin. i’ll “install” it for you, but won’t set it up hehehe

Bahr: Oh you want this plugin? k ill download it for you

Bahr: Oh you have a question? ask their plugin author.

Clayton: Bahr: do you work for a company or yourself?

Bahr: Bu***and: opsec: would you install jetpack and set it up for a fee? heh

Fellers: Bahr: if it’s a site I built/ coded/ maintain ie: one of my babies no.

Savaria: Bahr: no. because before i got to the “will you inst.” i’d cut them off.

Bahr: So let’s just say myself, bc most WP stuff is done for “my” projects not company

Prestage: Bahr: I would ask the client what they want from Jetpack and get the right plugin for the job

Bahr: Bu***and: what’s funny is they all want stats only . that’s all the ycare about lol

Bahr: Server stats + ****ytics should be fine

Carrubba: Bahr: google anayltics

Laviola: stats minimally

Tjelmeland: Depending on how you look at it

Bayly: My clients all use google ****ytics though. thats it

Bahr: I rarely use plugins. never bullied 😛

Bahr: I just let it be known: this is your site. if you go agaisnt my wishes on what i created, then your bill may be higher next time :

Bahr: That’s why i use the blanket statement

Bahr: It’s too much to type bc then they ask “what plugins can i use?”

Kemery: Bahr:

Painter: Rick_: its a font issue

Balmaceda: Rick_: the font you’re using is corrupt most likely

Ferkovich: How would one determin and fix that?

Barill: Any reading anywhere?

Raybon: Rick_: what font is that text using?

Maicus: Where would i find that?

Tholen: Rick_: Please use the built-in Developer Tools of your browser to fix problems with your website. Right click your page and pick “Inspect Element” Cr, FF, Op or press F12-button IE to track down CSS problems. Use the console to see JavaScript bugs.

Hippler: Is there a function like underscore’s groupBy in wp?

Shimada: Bahr:

Floro: I have heard of firebug

Bahr: Making sure it didn’t kill the bot

Bahr: I killed the bot in #drupal

Slowey: _pd_: you mean underscore.js ?

Argetsinger: I know there are some other array helper functions so thought there might be one

Quillens: Http://

Edgman: Can someone tell me what this error is? I went to the file, but it’s only an echo command. I’m confuse — Notice: get_current_theme is deprecated since version 3.4! Use wp_get_theme instead. in /home/hotbodyracing/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3406

Bahr: Rsavant: can you read english?

Malay: _pd_: can you more clearly explain what you’re trying to actually do?

Bahr: Get_current_theme is deprecated since version 3.4! – this means that function is depreciated

Gummo: I have a list of posts, and i want them grouped by the first term for a custom taxonomy

Parlavecchio: Rsavant:

Felsenthal: So some term = post 1, post 2

Yedinak: _pd_: what do you mean “the FIRST term” ?

Bahr: _pd_: first by title, desc or asc? date by desc or asc? etc

Grenon: Thanks Mcguirk and Bahr. I just don’t know where the issue is. I do read english, so thanks. and I did already see the function reference, but it’s an issue on an existing site using the Magnium theme. I don’t know where to go to fix the error. lol

Balm: And want to group by the first ***ociated term for that tax.