Woop. got my regex from.

Godbolt: Someone know if is possible to add categories to woocommerce via API? i try without luck and cant find any info about that in the official docs

Petrik: There should only be one term so ordering shouldn’t be important

Fontane: Any sage users? Having an issue getting front-page template to kick-in when a static home page Is defined.

Rand: First and only term i should say

Hussar: _pd_: so you have multiple terms ***ociated to a post?

Molleda: _pd_: is it ONLY term or first or ONLY term?

Losito: No for this tax there will only be one term

Bahr: _pd_: well, there IS ordering. so it does matter, FYI. whether it works for your ONE term.

Bahr: _pd_: so you should figure that out :

Bahr: Bu***and: did i trigger your PM flood monitor? 😛

Rickels: Why would it matter if theres only one term for this taxonomy

Bahr: _pd_: because what happens when you add anothr term?

Deldeo: Anyways it doesnt sound like there is a built in function so i will just do it manually

Chiappinelli: _pd_: think about the multiple terms logic for a sec.

Besch: It’s not at all useful to think about because it’s not going to happen

Golpe: _pd_: you asked “why would it matter”. so yea. you can answer that yourself if you thinka bout the lgoic

Wright: Bu***and best I can make out is: Open Sans. Theme is called Infinite, I believe

Chapa: Rick_: and the characters that are turning into the diamonds.

Borycz: Rick_: are they letters? Special characters? etc?

Bahr: _pd_: why make it a taxonomy then? why not just a post meta checkbox on or off

Inklebarger: Sometimes, it looks like double spaced entries.after periods, etc

Dreka: Get the diamond w/ the question marl

Schoenfeldt: Rick_: got a public link?

Salam: Postmeta would probably make more sense, i’d still want to know the quickest way to group by though ;

Guimares: I’m trying to figure out why sometimes a “Preview” link on a draft post shows a &preview_nonce parameter, and other times it doesn’t. Anyone know why that is?

Cockrel: Url? northwoodsbluesfestival.com

Coletta: Rick_: looks like more than just question mark

Kemph: Unless there’s a lot of randomy use of question marks

Carfrey: Rick_: http://cl.ly/image/2r053C0H463D

Derocher: Nope, but yes bunches of them.

Mcclurken: Rick_: why do you have question marks there?

Acoff: I did not put them in there, they just appeared

Eggeman: Did you edit this in notepad or something?

Wenzell: No the wordpress plugin called pixgriddler?

Gleiss: Something like that, I inherited this site from a friend.

Fergusson: Rick_: you’re ging to have to contact the plugin dev in that case

Townsend: Made some changes and now this occurred and that pixgriddler is kinda *****ing up too.

Glory: Rick_: also look in the database to see if the weird chars appear in the DB like that

Crookshanks: Contact the pluggin dev and check database.ok thanks

Suddarth: Bu***and: wouldn’t he be able to see those characters in the post editor?

Corrington: Jstransky: yea probably. was ust curious if it was saving as a ? or an encoded char in the DB

Borchardt: Someone knows a place where you can buy cheap domains?

Rause: Depends on the TLD. I’d google the top sellers and compare pricing

Gerardo: Sigfrid: http://bfy.tw/22WP

Ayola: Namecheap.com sometimes comes on top for these new TLDs

Cridland: Can be any TLD, just need to be stable and not very long

Mihalak: Johndoe2, http://tld-list.com/

Feltman: Woop. got my regex from last night working “good enough” yay