And I’ll do that too.

Crown: Ok, so I’ll enqueue only the script then, will try and see if it works now

Douillet: Stuffmc:

Douillet: BRB – Granola bar in my car 😀

Mehringer: Bseides that all works the same as with my previous .htaccess

Iwanyszyn: Again, it’s only when trying to access

Woelzlein: When logged in, obivously

Sinitiere: Ok Douillet, now I have this with no jquery but only my script, the good news is that the page now displays again, so good sign but the console.log aleert in my script still doesn’t show up, should I try to include jquery as well?

Mulqueen: Ah OK it says in the console that there is no javascript on the page, so it’s not loading the script, do I have to reference it somewhere in the template other than functions.php?

Tiefenauer: Like in the usual way script src=”script_1.js”/script?

Savers: B****t: what does your enqueue script look like right now?

Layton: B****t: this should NOT be this difficult!

Kilbourn: Its paining me to watch this

Ernstrom: This is the functions.php at the moment

Douillet: B****t: WordPress has jquery built in I believe

Harshfield: But when I look at the source code of the page my script_1.js isn’t on the page anywhere

Douillet: B****t: Is the site live?

Bartha: Jquery is there, you’re right notchris

Douillet: Let me just look and tell you whats up

Mccluskey: Add_action’wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘theme_enqueue_scripts’; should be

Deck: Add_action’wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘theme_enqueue_script’;

Salyards: And yes. WP has jQuery built in BUT you have to enqueue it if your theme doesn’t already do tha t

Douillet: Ooops, that was my bad

Lambermont: B****t: did you even look in your pagesource to see if jquery is already included?

Casanas: Yep Douillet I did, jquery is there, it’s just my script that’s missing

Doto: B****t: did you see what I said?

Douillet: B****t: Probably the reference

Bens: Guimares, if I remove the s, as I just tried, the functions.php knackers my page completely

Zogg: B****t: well removing the ‘s’ is necessary// breaking your page likely has to do with whatever is inside your JS

Douillet: B****t: Can you link us to your site plz

Selleck: B****t: your JS is broken so its killing the bubble of events for JS

Thau: B****t: so there you hae it. we fixed your WP issue. the rest is NOT wordpress related. You can ask in #jquery or #javascript

Kucinski: Douillet, unfortunately it’s local. Guimares the js has just a doc ready and a console.log,

Rumley: B****t: dont know what to tell you. “knackered” isnt a good description and im tired of asking “what do you mean by that” to people

Kinniburgh: So I doubt very much it’s my js. OK i’ll remove the ‘s’. Douillet, hang on, I’ll see if I can quickly recreate this onto the live version, I should have an old wordpress installation somewhere

Rieg: Fair enough Guimares, let me see if I can get t online

Douillet: B****t: You should just implement the script via a script tag in your template for testing

Douillet: B****t: enqueue after there are no errors

Hon: Ah ok, so I can reference the script the usual way script src=”script_1.js”/script inside header.php

Douillet: B****t: Do it in footer.php

Douillet: But for testing, yes.

Douillet: Or if you don’t care otherwise, then for production

Douillet: B****t: I would also read, wordpress/">

Driscol: And I’ll do that too!