Checkit: you attach it all.

Bickell: Noethics: right so you’re storing the urls directly as meta. wouldnt that make moving the site a bit more of a PITA?

Douillet: Stuffmc: Super obvous.

Rowold: Yeah forgot a i there :

Douillet: Stuffmc: Lemme see your htaccess

Massingill: Guimares, well actually i only add a “slug”, so i keep the urls relative of course

Altomonte: Hey I’ll look at that page again

Lepez: And be back with you later.

Pallerino: OK so got this one now, but it seems to knacker my page completely

Douillet: B****t: Missing quote

Douillet: B****t: I do it like twice a day

Najarian: So I read ‘Changing Your Domain Name and URLs”

Wingstrom: Ok amended, but something is breaking my page completely

Rongstad: I think I might check the script first, get in just a do***ent ready to make sure it’s Benzing I’ve done and try to get that to work first

Aitkin: And the thing is, it all works, besides accessing /network which in itself even works sometimes! but as soon as I click on /network/users.php for exemple. it doesn’t

Barfknecht: Ah for what it is worth, my script is called script.js and resides inside root of the child theme.

Hiott: Douillet: I don’t have a .htaccess apparently

Douillet: Stuffmc: Toggle hidden files

Douillet: Stuffmc: It should be in /var/www/html/wp-content/

Douillet: Actually no, not in wp-content

Douillet: Stuffmc: If it’s still missing, make one:

Douillet: Select the multisite one

Aboulissan: Htaccess file is only relevant for apache servers btw

Minier: If you’re on nginx or something that doesn’t apply to you

Lumukanda: Douillet:

Maciasz: Your file upload regex looks unsafe ;o

Douillet: Stuffmc:

Wotton: Right, I removed everything from the script except do***ent ready and an alert, just to be sure it isn’t me breaking anything, renamed the js, and changed the functions.php to but still Benzing. any other suggestion?

Rakow: B****t: huh? wtf are you talking about?

Douillet: B****t: Your add_action’s need to be outside of the function

Douillet: B****t: Also, pair all of our add_action’s, don’t put them before your functions

Congleton: I’m saying that the content of the site doesn’t load with the current functions.php., but if I remove these two lines it works

Eisenbeisz: Ah ok, let me try that

Leukuma: Okay, so, i want to add meta data to a custom post type but, in draft form, I don’t have the post ID to set in the method call. How should I be thinking about this?

Dinkle: Douillet: where is this page?

Beirne: Checkit: why do you need the post ID to add a custom field in the post edit screen?

Goodie: Guimares: Perhaps I phrased that incorrectly. That script I was working on earlier was a drag and drop feature for a custom meta box in a custom post type. After the upload is complete I need to ***ociate that uploaded file with the post using meta data. However, in draft form, no ID was generated yet.

Groholski: Add_post_meta $postId, $args.;

Douillet: B****t:

Feary: Awww I see Douillet, thank you very much for the demo, will update now :-!

Kingen: Pasting the .htaccess from makes the whole website not reachable anymore :

Douillet: B****t: Also, no need to enqueue jquery because it comes default. Unless you get like.conflict errors, then you need to dequeue and re-enqueue

Lebarron: Checkit: you attach it all to the post on the post save function