Alright – some mongo.

Vogeler: I tried an email customizer plugin which was nice, lets you customize the emails to somerthing fancy

Vogeler: Http:// this one

Vogeler: Https://

Stoltz: I like the use of the customizer

Kropfelder: And just 20 bucks, holy bananas

Vogeler: Jiron which on that plugin?

Vogeler: It beats woos email customise plugin which is very minimal and is a lot more costly

Nagarajan: I’d like to see the areas that require shortcodes be a bit more user friendly, maybe a shortcode selector of some sort so the user knows what the shortcode does and can just inject it instead of needing to read do***entation on the side

Vogeler: I bought woos first, which was a waste ;

Dammann: We all know how I feel abotu envato products normally, but this is quite impressive looking

Vogeler: It has automatic updates built it which is nice, not the evnato purchase code bs

Broussard: Anyone skilled with setting cookie flags? we had a penetration test on our site and found out the wordpress_logged_in cookies needs the “secure” flag. other cookies i can see contain it. but the wordpress logged in cookie is set without. force ssl is activated

Manuelito: I tried this:, works half: phpfino says that it’s set, but still the wordpress_logged_in cookie secure flag is not set

Cole: I have my permalink set up to /news/%postname% and that works fine – but I also have a custom post type named cases, which results in /news/cases/%postname% being the url. I’ve tried adding ‘rewrite’ conditions to it, but it doesn’t seem to change anything. Any ideas?

Strassberg: I have updated the permalink settings.

Lassen: Here’s the custom post type;

Pinzino: Runtyrobot » with_front = false

Manchel: Ah, then resave your permalinks

Siemering: Just did again. same ordeal :/

Byes: Show more code then, something is wrong

Schlussel: Basically ‘with_front’ = false should exclude the base from the url

Pilgrim: Aye – it should – which is odd to me

Villano: It’s run from an active plugin – but that shouldn’t have any effect – should it?

Knittle: Http://

Stankiewicz: So, how are you registering the post type, what hook are you using? etc.

Dupuis: The post type itself works just fine – it’s only the url that’s messing up

Ottey: Pretty sure any rewrite rules added to a CPT are added on to of the WordPress base ?

Pason: Jiron, correct unless with_front is true

Cagan: I think I’ve found the culprit – completely un-wp related.

Binder: Oh, and after making adjustments to the code, did yo uremember ot flush your permalinks ?

Maglori: Jiron » setting a permalink structure as /something/%postname%/ and setting with_front false will result in /something/ being gone for that CPT.

Pooler: I’ll just check -sec.

Block: Yes he did, same ordeal he said. ;p

Fletchen: But if plugins are mixed in and doing stuff, later than what’s expected then things will be overwritten. But what plugins are being used. well, it’s a cl***ical case of .first

Cirelli: Runtyrobot: Please attempt to disable all plugins, and use one of the default Twenty* themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

Vogeler: Now now stand in the place where you live

Vogeler: Oh how lame, v3 of codeigniter you have to capitlize files application/libraries/mylibrary.php to application/libraries/Mylibrary.php

Vogeler: Gonna try and upgrade my CI app hopefully it doesnt brek

Bellino: Alright – some mongo pointed the domain another direction, set up caching and enabled a url-rewrite plugin. So I’ll have to beat someone with a shovel. But I got it working.