Again, you are wasting time.

Bowthorpe: Reetika786: enable cookies

Raychard: Anyone know if there’s a way to avoid auto incrementing the slug post_name of a custom post type when using a loop with multiple wp_insert_post ? All my posts are child posts.however if two or more posts have the same adds the auto incrementation to the slug.even though they’re not on the same hierarchy level :/

Slater: Colonel-panic: so, is that the whole description of your issue? or is that just the background?

Speese: All changes mentioned on forums

Bowthorpe: Reetika786: try loading your browser without whatever plugins installed if chrome, open an incognito window and try again – if the problem no longer is there, it’s a browser extension

Slater: Reetika786: have you tried with different browsers? incognito mode? both?

Blegen: Different browsers I tried

Styborski: I built an image map of one of those large images, and got it working

Andrino: But I have varnish installed on server?

Condino: Then when I put the image in WordPress, the map stopped working

Gellis: I might cause cookie issue

Niederkorn: That’s why I came in here to ask for advice

Slater: Colonel-panic: how did you “put the image in WordPress“?

Trantham: These are custom pages, laid out using Page BUilder

Linear: I created a page builder row of 100% width, and used the text editor to type the HTML for the image and the image map

Slater: Colonel-panic: can you complete this sentence: “when I put my imagemap into a content area set by a page builder.”

Bowthorpe: Reetika786: varnish cache shouldn’t effect that – but if you want to be sure you can simply disable varnish and see if it fixes it

Slater: What actually happens?

Wente: That javascript thing is a script that dynamically resizes image maps as the page is resized

Peroff: I’ve used it before on the other site I built for this client, and it works fine

Slater: And after you’ve told us what actually happens ie, defined ‘broken’, please link to an example of this brokennes

Niccoli: So I have no reason to suspect that script is the problem

Slater: Colonel-panic: sorry, but my patience is wearing thing. define ‘not working’ and link to an example.

Chaput: OK, give me a minute to re-do the image map

Arko: I’ll rebuild the page and let you have a look at it

Ronayne: I did all this stuff a couple hours ago, and joined this channel because I couldn’t get it working

Seroka: Nobody responded though, so I gave up and tried doing it a different way

Lipkind: OK give me a minute here

Bowthorpe: Colonel-panic: we want to help you, but taking 25 mins to give us code/links-with-your-code is making it tough :

Gilfillan: Off topic. off focus, disorganised.

Slater: While you are doing that, I’ll just put a question to the room: aren’t imagemaps something of an archaic solution?

Slater: Like, I don’t think I’ve used one for at least a decade

Hirsbrunner: I was dealing with this 2 and a half hours ago. I got no response so I removed the image map code and gave up on that course of actoin

Steenwyk: Yes, image maps are old-school

Gilfillan: Probably because it has Benzing to do with wordpress

Slater: You are wasting your time whining. just get an example up.

Blotsky: But how would you recommend dealing with this particular spec?

Moor: I resizable image with embedded area links that resize along with the image?

Slater: Personally, I’d question the spec. and propose a much better solution.

Loma: The map worked before I brought it into wordpress, but did not work after

Depner: That to me indicates wordpress has something to do with it not working

Slater: Again, you are wasting time. just get an example up or sod off