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Cargle: Volund: datetimedate -+ interval integer timeperiod; #where timeperiod is second, minute, hour, day, month, year and some others. No plurals! egs., ‘SELECT NOW + INTERVAL 3 MONTH;’ ‘SELECT CURRENT_DATE – INTERVAL 1 DAY;’

Mckoon: Yeah I know how to use interval

Senethavilouk: Lemme go make a mockup

Keiter: Volund:

Danfield: Volund: .where datetime_col now – interval 3 hour;

Coello: Http://!9/919d3/1

Sesley: Highly simplified versions of my tables.

Hustead: Here’s what I’m trying to do.

Muffley: SELECT scene.scene_id FROM scenesys_poses as poses LEFT JOIN scenesys_scenes as scenes ON scenes.scene_id=poses.scene_id GROUP BY scene_id WHERE scenes.scene_state=’0′ AND maxposes.pose_time UTC_TIMESTAMP – INTERVAL 3 HOUR

Sanks: I want every scene id where scene_state is ‘0’ and no pose_time rows are newer than 3 hours ago.

Dalen: I’ve tried writing this query a dozen times but I’m too n00b. :/

Tippie: Basically only the newest pose is what I want to check the time of

Doncaster: Volund: SELECT a.* FROM a LEFT JOIN b ON = WHERE IS NULL;

Fattig: So as the IS NULL criteria to your query.

Slowey: Your max critera is also wrong as it needs a grouping i think. try and test a bit more. i’m really focused elsewhere

Pergande: Yeah I’ve been trying grouping. hrm.

Manseau: Max value may need to come from subquery

Galaviz: Seems likely, yes. D;

Vulgamott: Hi I have a problem, I made this view but I have a problem in the last field “fill_thresholds.post_threshold_unit_id” that field contains the id referencing the units table but I would like to grab the description field, just like I did for units.description as unit

Loughlin: Right now it’s just giving me the id of the first table

Keiter: SmashingX: so select the column from that table?

Savard: Basically I already did that with units.description as unit,

Smart: I want to do the same with fill_thresholds.post_threshold_unit_id

Rathel: So in that field fill_thresholds.post_threshold_unit_id I have an id number 3 for example and in units table I have id =3 description= yards

Diefendorf: What I want to do is to get yards

Keiter: SmashingX: showing sample result rows, and what you expected instead, would help.

Balcorta: Sample result row would be that right now I’m getting the value 3 on ptu_units and I should get Yards

Keiter: SmashingX: run the view, and show the row in the same pastie.

Soyars: How to turn on mysql debug

Danfield: Keiter: I was surprised at how good the tech startup reality show premier of “Bazillion Dollar Club” was tonight. On the SyFy Channel, for no apparent reason.

Danfield: Keiter: I hope you get a chance to try it

Keiter: Danfield: I hope I get some sleep rather.

Scheulen: Been on this for wayw to long, ssl does not work.

Plemmons: Been stuck on this for long

Keiter: Beepie: let’s increase the signal to noise ratio a bit.

Homen: Doubt anyone can help me unless they really use ssl.

Ballina: Supposedly there’s no factoid on here.

Keiter: Beepie: there are, but you’re using incorrect triggers

Keiter: Beepie: the use of ssl is described in the manual, either way. What is the problem?

Kolbeck: Yeah but you don’t use it

Keiter: Beepie: I use ssh tunnels instead, yes.

Keiter: Beepie: perhaps, if you ask the actual question, someone can attempt to help you.

Corvelli: Keiter, you said there are factoids? where that?

Stanislaw: Beepie:

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