To give users, who do not.

Couron: I wish I could find a good HTML5 template

Carney: VanHagar5150: wrapbootstarp. Start there.

Rajaphoumy: Anyone know of a WP plugin that will allow you to create an email template which you would only send out to users manually? I’ve built a “activation” step into my WP registration and need to trigger an email to a user manually somehow

Molander: Has anyone successfully retrieved a checkbox status with jQuery from the WooCommerce admin pages? or product pages It does not change the checked status as per a normal checkbox, the only change I have noticed is that the checkbox gets a :before sudo added to it

Larios: Wrapbootstrap I was hopping for free

Slater: Do any of have this situation: I want to give users an admin role. But I also want to hide some controls from them. Like, I don’t want to give them access to the Types plugin UI.

Slater: Is this a job for ‘custom roles’?

Vidaca: Slater: Members –

Slater: Huh. I was just looking at that.

Gilfillan: Make a “sub-admin” role and ***ign whatever rights you want to it

Gilfillan: Http://

Slater: Do you have a tool of choice for role management?

Gilfillan: Or if you have toolset, types access, specifically for types

Slater: I didn’t have Types in mind specifically

Slater: In fact, as I typed that message I recalled that there might be something to restrict Types access from other admin users

Karlsson: Is WP Super Cache better or worse than W3TC

Slater: As far as I can tell: it depends

Slater: Like, W3TC has a ton of options. There’s a lot to configure. And you have to learn what’s going on under the hood

Faigley: Opsec so what do you suggest?

Gilfillan: Too little, too late. better off using something on the server. varnish, google pagespeed, nginx reverse caching proxy, proper httpd config

Gilfillan: I’ve seen hundreds of people come through here with *****ed up sites after using some plugin that “worked fine for x days, then blew up”

Gilfillan: Anyway, the plugins are there, use them or not. i’ve said my peacekeeper mantra

Slater: Imho most speed issues come from not having a good theme and a decent host.

Slater: If we don’t start with that, then caching plugins aren’t much use

Gilfillan: Too many queries to the db, loading of tons of resources, images not optimized, poor bandwidth.

Slater: And if it’s a low-traffic site, caching plugins don’t provide that much of an advanngate

Gellman: Only for page speed tests I suppose?

Palko: Is EWWW the best for image op?

Slater: Opsec: I’d be interested in hearing more of your opinion on caching plugins. Have you ever seen them being useful?

Gilfillan: No, they come into the picture too late in the process

Gilfillan: They are for people who have no access to their config and know little about caching

Bloemer: Or want a google page score of 90 or better

Gilfillan: You can’t just click a few things to make a site faster.

Gilfillan: VanHagar5150: that’s incorrect logic

Gilfillan: Caching should take place on the server, 1st with a good config, then with something like varnish, nginx reverse caching proxy, google-pagespeed, memcached, etc

Gilfillan: Anyway. there’s no reason to believe me or care at all if you’re dead set on a plugin

Slater: What kind of httpd config needs to be done at the base?

Slater: I’ve been doing a little homework this week on speed optimisation. But I haven’t really found much on configing apache specifically for WP

Hazlett: Because there is none

Gilfillan: VanHagar5150: do you know what htaccess is?

Gilfillan: It has a single, exclusive, sole purpose.

Gilfillan: To give users, who do not have the ability to edit their vhost directly, the opportunity to configure *some* options, on a per directory basis.