As I want to split big.

Kinman: At no point does public info determine the database or anything else on that site -must- be public as well

Rumsey: So you are saying sql injections never existed in the world, and therefore you should excuse any question as stupid

Kinman: At no point did I, I am however saying if you’re expecting someone in this channel to breach a US government system just to get you a dinky database, you are in the REALLY wrong place

Whalan: ERROR 1206 HY000: The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size

Rumsey: D. Copyright Status and Citation

Rumsey: Information generated by NIJ that is in the public domain and may be reproduced, published, or otherwise used without NIJ’s permission. The use of any NamUs logos is protected and requires advance authorization, as described below. With respect to materials generated by entities outside of NIJ, permission to copy these

Kinman: If you want jail time that bad, you feel free to learn about SQL injection and try to find a vulnerability on the site yourself, or find someone who will be willing to take money probably a lot from you to do it

Rumsey: Https://

Ylonen: I want to select part of the table which is very large

Rumsey: Are you dense or something?

Kinman: Veganista: And yet nowhere in that does it say “The database” or any variant of. “Information generated by” by all intents means the content on the site itself.

Rumsey: I think you are dense

Rumsey: The database is public info

Rumsey: It is generated “magically” a term you would use

Kinman: Rumsey: No the -data- is public information, clearly the -database- is not, or you wouldn’t be in here asking people to otherwise breach it for you

Kinman: And ask them if they have an API you can hook into that lets you access their data

Rumsey: Don’t tell me what to do after your balent disrespect

Kinman: Because this is Iese, not #namus

Slonaker: Any help on my issue?

Kinman: I can only ***ume you mean blatant, and if trying to save you potential jailtime is being disrespectful well I can only ***ume you’ve gone full-tard or were trolling from the beginning

Kinman: So I’ll definitely end this now

Rumsey: So you are saying the database is not owned by the public?

Rumsey: How could you even say that when i said the terms of service

Rumsey: Are you ****ing trolling?

Kinman: OneSploit: The most basic workaround is to select the data in sections at a time

Singley: Nate, how to do that ?

Somji: Nate, I tried this but my mysql server hangs on restarting it

Kinman: OneSploit: LIMIT 10000 etc etc in groups

Kinman: As for that link, if you literally put a innodb_buffer_pool_size of 8388608 in your my.cnf, unless you actually have that much memory available to work with, your mysql will indeed hang

Kinman: What did you put for it?

Kinman: How big of a table is it?

Johnke: It’s Pfam database so probably 15Gb

Salato: But my table should be around 1.5G

Kinman: Yeah that’s probably going to be hard to pull all at once especially if you’re working on something that’s allocating into memory at the same time

Kinman: Well I wouldn’t think 64MB should be hanging you mysql unless your system otherwise is utilizing a lot of the RAM as it is

Ok: Rumsey, data != database – if you thing you are entitled to it by it being “public” “government product” then you may ask them to share it in the form you prefer based on some law about access to public information or something

Gehrer: I tried this command create table bacteria select * from pfam_data where taxonomy like ‘%Bacteria%’; and that gave me the LOCKS error

Kattan: As I want to split big table into smaller ones