As far as things are.

Mutart: I need to store schedule of a client which is basically his availability from Mon-Sun based on time. What can I use for this?

Doggett: Hello, when i want to install postfixadmin. i get this error : Invalid query: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes

Satow: This is a mysql issue ? or a postfix issue ?

Buttke: Nostrora, more a postfixadmin probably, max key length might be configured but that would be noted in installation guide. is the table myisam? are you using utf8? maybe postfixadmin expected latin or something and not utf as default

Hennagir: Any gem for building a timetable

Rumsey: Anyone know how i could download a database from a website, i am looking to download the database of missing adults and children, but i dont know how to interact with that database so i can download it. it is at

Kinman: Rumsey: you mean like the raw actual SQL DB? You can’t, to be able to simply download such a thing from any website would be insanely insecure

Kinman: Perhaps you should contact and ask them if they have some kind of API you can hook into

Rumsey: Without being able to get databases, there is no fun things you can make. you can’t make any websites unless you have a big database

Rumsey: Otherwise web sites are boring

Kinman: Rumsey: If you’re under the impression every website on the internet otherwise created itself by copying some other website’s database through some magical “hey give me your SQL” method, your impression of the internet is dramatically incorrect

Rumsey: Maybe ill look at the ashley madison code and make my own dating website

Kinman: Feel free to, also feel free to enjoy the potential jail time and fines you’ll get by doing so seeing as you seemingly live in the US

Rumsey: Nate, yeah, i got the ashley madison database and then made my search engine and it was popular and then i like how i could get a database and just do something simple and it be popular

Rumsey: Ashley madison source code can be modified so it is original enough

Kinman: Ashley madison didn’t share their database, they were breached, which are two very different things

Rumsey: Its not like i am going to make an exact copy

Kinman: And no, no, that’s not how it works, but clearly you’ve already pushed off an opinion that you know how things work so I’ll just leave you to your ways as I’m fairly certain you won’t listen lol

Sandhaus: Rumsey, there are some “example” datasets on the web – and wikipedia might give some data maybe, but it wont help you much in learning probably

Rumsey: I’m not the one telling me what being hacked or not means

Rumsey: Just because you cant patronize me, doesn’t make it that you are morally superior

Kinman: Rumsey: I like to think my job of dealing with security things and someone who has had to deal with the aftermath of working with illegally cloned code a few times would kind of have a good experience on the subject matter, yes, but seeing as you apparently think every website has a magical DB dump method hidden on it and that website breaches magically mean everything is FOSS well, hey, I bow to your clear knowledge

Rumsey: You make too many ***umptions, im not you

Kinman: Never said that, and quite thankful you’re not, was primarily giving a suggestion to avoid potential legal problems, but if you don’t want to listen then why don’t you go to 4chan or something and ask them to breach and get you the database since you’re under the impression that’s fine

Kinman: What’s the worst that could happen? lol

Rumsey: The namus government website has a public owned database

Rumsey: The database of missing and unidentified people is public info

Rumsey: Their own terms of use says so itself

Kinman: That’s not how it works, that information is public information sure, that does not magically make whatever database model ***uming it even IS mysql publically available to you unless they make it so

Kinman: As far as things are considered, they ARE making that information public, via the website itself