What should i do then.

Takenaka: Why not just take them to a new page, then/

Oballe: Hi i use ui.accordion for accordion panel in drupal, does anyone know how to open a panel from external link, link in external page will be like exampleurl#panel2, panels are in exampleurl page. thanks

Laseter: I tried code like this http://jsfiddle.net/VZ3T5/1/. but it doesn’t work in D7

Vanfossan: Can someone help me with, http://pastebin.com/Et8ef8yx

Rauf: If i hava ‘$’ in id, in jquery , $’id’ exsists error?

Gowler: If id=$test, $’#$test’ error

Golik: That’s not very surprising to me

Bloyd: I wouldn’t use $ in any id or cl*** names, even though it’s technically valid

Lett: Http://jsfiddle.net/VZ3T5/1/. does anyone know why i placed same code in D7, and it doesn’t work as it is. thx

Insley: Ling2: by default, D7 uses very old jquery, which doesnt have .on yet

Tavernier: Ling2: you also need to use a wrapper in order to use $ instead of jQuery

Sharratt: Uhkis: that’s what i thougt jquery version is too old. but do you know how to make it work like that in D7. thx

Kanipe: D7 has a module that could be useful: jquery_update

Mcillwain: Hi i have a question its not form php its for social networking api. i want to get user’s album using any third party api from facebook, linkedin, instagram,. picasa, or other social network. is there any one knows any api ?

Jahns: I am trying use the multiple auto complete input box but I need to use ajax

Badoni: Https://jsfiddle.net/dbe9j9Ld/1/

Elsinger: Please help me how to use the ajax in this

Beliveau: Hey everyone! Got a noob question about jquery, ajax and http.

Peagler: I’ve got a log-in form that I need to submit. Basically, I need to attach an “Authenticate” http header to my request and perform a GET to a secured location

Alva: Server checks the credentials and either redirects or grants access. So the question is: how to attach that header and perform a GET request with it? I understand that I can use ajax and ***ign headers, but it feels very odd to receive a page as data to ajax’s callback, then do some do***ent.open-write-close stuff.

Sharron: And of course I need that header to stay

Trexler: I have http://pastebin.com/bngaB2ti. How can I target the UL from the IMG?

Deblasi: Can’t really tell why 570 people are online for.

Iorio: SteveOrElse, lmgtfy: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10093053/add-header-in-ajax-request-with-jquery

Mcomber: Ho***ey: that’s quite clear, but I couldn’t understand what to do next. Now I found out that I can return a response with Location header from server to make client redirect

Cowan: As you are in javascript context you cann do a simple window.location.href = ”;

Ehsan: Or location.***ign, I guess

Catoire: I just couldn’t tell, whether the header will stay or not for further requests, if it is sent by ajax that way

Gangler: You mean subsequent calls?

Hori: Header is just for one request

Zuwkowski: You can set a cookie, but the user might reject or change it.

Gangler: Dorian-Grim: do you already have the img in context?

Stohlton: Gangler I solved it with this.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode

Peelle: Hmm, very good to know, but the UL has dynamics

Notwick: I actually need to remove the Li, not the UL

Shubov: I will remove a UL child, which I don’t want

Bressette: I want to remove the li row

Friske: It’s ok. I understand now

Combs: Why this isn’t detecting my function? https://jsfiddle.net/zjaqmpqw/2/

Tango: Dont use inline events

Tango: They need functions to be in the global scope

Gangler: Inlines also don’t bind to ‘this’

Cusimano: What should i do then?