Make the modal.

Takenaka: Yeah, the order in which they were clicked has nothing to do with what i’m suggesting.

Oberpriller: Https://

Goldhorn: Updated without syntax error

Mcrea: Takenaka: work fine in firefox and chrome but issue in safari

Zuehls: Takenaka: “just grab the index of the first clicked one and the index of the last clicked one. use .slice and .prop’checked’, true against that result set” — isnt that exactly what youre saying?

Dues: Takenaka: i have variables representing “first clicked one” and “last clicked one” using your terminology here, and i dont know which one is before the other

Takenaka: Sdegutis sure – that has nothing to do with the order things were clicked in.

Takenaka: Aaaah that’s right becuase you could shift + click after making other selections.

Scudieri: Had me questioning my sanity for a second

Takenaka: You COULD, however, just check to see which one is greater than the other and go from there.

Kidane: Takenaka: yeah i was just gonna sort the two things and apply it to slice

Stream: Something like .slice.applyindexA, indexB.sort or something

Nobriga: I dont know JS very well

Frasch: Hello all. imlooking for an interesting jquery vertical option selector. a bit unusual. I want the selected option to fill up a lot of the page, with unselected options appearing smaller and greyer on top of and below it. very visually appealing. any ideas?

Takenaka: Lol that’s overcomplicating it imo.

Takenaka: Daniel331 that’s called an accordion.

Takenaka: Sdegutis just call .slice one way or another explicitly.

Matsuura: Takenaka: i cant do that, it would violate my integrity

Piek: Takenaka: I’m looking for an input element, not a UI widget like this one: :- ;-

Kelemen: Because its the wrong code

Takenaka: Daniel331 then clarify.

Klis: Im not gonna do if a b { fa,b } else { fb,a }

Femat: That’s just wrong code.

Kiesel: I know good code, i just dont know how to use .apply in jS

Takenaka: It’s a pain when working with jquery, but

Takenaka: First argument needs to be the correct this object.

Shapley: Ah thats what i was missing

Britto: My bad. im sorry. I’m looking for a jquery plugin which is an input element. rather than having a plain dropdown box, I want it to be a bit unusual. I want the selected element in the option list to be larger and a diferent colour than its sibling unselected elements. I bet there’s somehting ready made out there just like this.

Rumrill: Takenaka any update for me ?

Clyman: Takenaka: would that be the thing im calling .slice on in the first place?

Takenaka: Syed_ no idea – nothing jumps out. somebody else might know. i’m not on a mac so i can’t test.

Fawson: If so, it seems weird to have to call me.slice.applyme, args

Dittbrenner: Cuz me is in there twice

Takenaka: Sdegutis that’s actualy what you would need to do.

Smaniotto: Well its still better than if

Takenaka: Daniel331 do you have a visual example?

Takenaka: Daniel331 can’t see what’s in your head.

Golkin: Takenaka: I dont but i know ive seen things like it. you’re right that I should ask for examples of things I cant describe better tho.

Takenaka: Daniel331 where have you seen things like it? can you share?

Mcmenimen: Cant remember atm. I may have to do it myself. when im half way done i’ll come back with a visual example ;-

Mckanic: Is it possible to prevent the user to click outside a modal ?

Takenaka: Transparent overlay is usually your best best.

Bendick: Make the modal fullscreen