What is the proper method.

Winkler: Inspect the element and you’ll probably see that the .project-info gets inside the paragraph, I want it to get outside it and appened after it. Do you understand my point here?

Vadasy: You want to insert after the element?

Artale: Yes, exactly – after the first paragraph

Sartin: Vadasy: .insertAfter jQuery API Do***entation → http://api.jquery.com/insertafter/

Vadasy: Simple google search ;

Dealba: I can’t get it worked out – am I doing it wrong? https://jsfiddle.net/19d27uLn/3/

Vadasy: It’s appending to the wrong place, right?

Masgalas: It should be before not after?

Vadasy: So you’re still using appendTo?

Buchanan: Alright, I’ll check it out! Thank you!

Flannery: Vadasy: I really don’t get it how to add it to my current code

Dupray: I got this, but now it’s adding all of the sections in the same https://jsfiddle.net/19d27uLn/4/

Vadasy: Why are you using appendTo at all?

Vadasy: You want to insert something after something else.

Wobser: Folks, a bit of topic but it was related to my jquery retry that I mentioned earlier. I think my grammar is wrong on this sentence. “How critical is it to have or keep the retry feature?”

Vadasy: Vanbecelaere like, read the code.

Vadasy: What was the question?

Madine: Vadasy: I do, and I try but can’t get it right.

Hudnell: Vadasy: the sentence I put in double quotes

Rubenstein: How critical is it to have or keep the retry feature?

Brookover: That one robertmaxrees

Vadasy: Zumba_addict what retry feature?

Vadasy: Vanbecelaere $this.find’.project-info’.insertAfter.appendTo ?

Autaubo: AjaxPrefilter when a call to an endpoint fails

Vadasy: You want insertAfter INSTEAD of appendTo, Pazician

Dench: It’s going to retry 3 ties

Vadasy: Zumba_addict i’m way lost- you want to retry an ajax call a few times?

Harderman: I’m suggesting on email to have the retry disabled due to the jsonp issues we’ve been encountering

Langridge: Vadasy: yes, it’s already in place long time ago

Neumaier: Vadasy: God. Thank you more than everything. I feel so dumb, lol

Agard: But they can’t figure out the js exception issues until i found out today

Vadasy: Zumba_addict i’m still lost. sorry.

Vadasy: Maybe start from the beginning?

Vadasy: Vanbecelaere you should check out learn.jquery.com

Rothmiller: I was just asking earlier if my grammar was correct. This sentence “How critical is it to have or keep the retry feature?” I wanted to ask the team if it’s ok to disable the retry feature we have in our application

Vadasy: Zumba_addict oooh, you’re literally asking if the grammar is correct, not for code advice.

Sparacio: However, my mind thinks something is wrong with my grammar on that sentence

Burkes: Vadasy: I know, and I’m doing it – I was reading it before and will do more later today

Vongxay: I feel like something needs to be added after the word feature

Vadasy: Zumba_addict you could just phrase that “how critical is it to have the retry feature?”, depending on context?

Shurtz: Maybe like this? How critical is it to have or keep the retry feature in place?

Vadasy: You’re way overthinking it, either way.

Abernathy: Sending out the email now

Boylen: Vadasy: The thing is now tho, it’s stay there even if I get out from the responsive mode – if the screen is wider than 800px it should get back to the old position and not stay inside the .wrap

Affeld: Vadasy: Here’s an jsfiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/kLx7c838/

Tasson: Vadasy: I got it! https://jsfiddle.net/nuqvLnj5/8/

Sobon: What is the proper method to clone a form elements and have it submit correctly?