It’s just a simpel.

Bevacqua: It worked fine yesterday

Rickel: I thought it was suhosin, but I tried disabling suhosin and that didn’t help either

Tenzer: I tried disabling xcache too

Lunsford: What is your probleme?

Jeng: Lunsford: wordpress-admin-menu-to-break">

Jeng: Https://

Jeng: Hyperactive dashboard

Kass: Heh Ive been noticing chrome breaking the admin menu

Jeng: Mintken: see the wptavern link I just accidentally pasted

Lunsford: HmSk Have you got something in your console about missing files? Errors?

Weesner: Thanks Jeng – fixing issues I was gonna ignore!

Curci: Thought it was the install till I did another install today and it did the same

Rosky: I believe it happens even on a fresh install

Lunsford: Looks like a CSS file is messing everything up.

Lunsford: Have you tried disabling your theme and using a default one?

Waninger: Another weird issue is in wp_posts every time I reload the admin, it inserts a row with id 0

Felger: Lunsford: yah, changing the theme does not seem to have an effect on the admin

Fason: The frontend looks fine either way

Lunsford: And your console is reporting Halcom?

Henderlite: I mean on the front-end the themes all apply successfully and look good

Schauland: The console is reporting a missing json file from

Smithheart: Skaag: Please check your inspector, are any resources not being loaded stylesheets etc

Porritt: Even though I’m not on

Lunsford: Copy paste that error plz

Herbold: Jiron: I looked, the only 404 is that en_US.json file from

Bevilacqua: Sounds like you’ve got a plugin enabled still if that’s the case, also are you using any caching services like CloudFlare etc or are you on a shared host

Vodder: Hm. it no longer even happens.

Jeng: Skaag: when I posted the “first” method, did you really disable ALL plugins? Every single one?

Jeng: Break it, Jiron, before it breaks you.

Pullis: Jeng: yes, I selected all, and deactivated them all at once

Mcshaw: Ok so it should now provide links to tickets if I refernece one like #33199

Mount: Jiron:

Moroles: Gah, I should probably not urlencode that, eh ?

Eighmey: Ok, how about now for #33199 AND #33198

Slee: Jiron:

Sailer: Jiron:

Jeng: What happens if I paste a color? #ffffff

Wentling: Jeng:

Dunemann: That’s has a word bounday rule, it shouldn’t be detecting it if it’s not all digits

Herlocker: Should also pick up on changesets/revisions with tags like r34061 as a test

Bonadio: Jiron:

Lustig: It just bugged me that I couldn’t reference tickets easily xD

Hundley: Ohh I see where I messed up

Steider: So now #1fffff shouldn’t trigger

Orndorf: Going to try to upgrade php to 5.6.x

Thames: But #33199 should still be fine 😀

Loeppke: Jiron:

Marett: Jeng:

Lunsford: I wish I could contribute to core.

Seeds: It’s just a simpel conversion that appends it to the URL at this point, didn’t feel like hitting Trac for every single one to confirm them