Thanks Szychowski. I.

Ihm: What is the value of

Kadle: P***word successfully saved. Please login with your new p***word.

Dragotta: P***word%20successfully%20saved.%20Please%20login%20with%20your%20new%20p***word.

Ihm: Ok, so your issue is probably that your putting that on the url as part of the path, instead of a value of a key

Ihm: Periods are special when it comes to paths, if your familiar with directories and the use of ‘.’ and ‘.’

Thorne: Can someone tell me why ‘this’ refers to my list object in the ToggleSelect method, but it is undefined in the IsSelected method?

Honer: Http://

Szychowski: It’s all about invocation context.

Szychowski: How does ToggleSelect get called?

Vejar: Var bla = new avf.List;

Szychowski: Right, and then how do you call ToggleSelect

Kellam: Bla.ToggleSelectmyFirstObject

Shekels: I just didn’t know it was possible to have ‘this’ work correctly in the first method, but be undefined in the second

Szychowski: Yeah, it’s all about invocation context.

Szychowski: It depends on how things get called.

Cragar: There is an initialisation routine of a third party library I use that looks like this:

Fruchter: I need to call this init routine after refreshing some tabs I load with jQuery Tabs. Is this possible without changing that foreign library or code duplication?

Golub: I do not understand what $function { . }; does.

Szychowski: NTQ that’s a do***ent ready.

Szychowski: Just a shorthand for $do***ent.ready

Bohne: Thank you. So I simply have to fire a do***ent-ready-event again?

Szychowski: You can’t really do that anyway.

Szychowski: Abstract out the code you want to run again and explicitly call it.

Goldberger: You didnt post the init

Szychowski: NTQ also, there’s l;iterally no reason to use that code like that. the outer function is totally unnecessary.

Purdom: The code is the table_sorter.js from Plone CMS.

Szychowski: Show us more of your code then.

Morino: That’s the whole code I want to reload after I added a new table to the DOM:

Goldberger: That’s a bigger mess than the simple table sorter i wrote

Zellmann: I know. But I have to work with for now. Later these routine will be optimized or replaced I guess.

Gethers: I think the best idea would be to copy the code in my own script directory, disable the official one and change it to match my request.

Szychowski: You realize that you could just copy the relevant part of that file and call it a day, right?

Ihm: Could he? the sort method is scoped to that closure

Szychowski: Oh – i didn’t see that part.

Snaples: Thank you very much. Work is over. Maybe see you tomorrow.

Ihm: Needs some luvin to expose some methods

Ihm: Cause after all, when you love, you expose yourself

Ihm: That’s shakespear right there

Malinky: Its something alright

Kurian: I seem to be having a scope issue and I can’t figure it out. trying to get orgs outside of that function

Szychowski: You can’t since it doesn’t exist.

Szychowski: Wait where do you declare orgs?

Mcintire: Http://

Szychowski: It’s because you’re using an async function.

Szychowski: So you’re accessing things before the call finishes

Szychowski: Anything that relies on the getJson call finishing needs to be p***ed in that callback.

Papen: Thanks Szychowski. I totally forgot about that