Show us what your trying.

Ihm: Huh, or maybe that’s not right.

Ihm: Looks like it’s just doing the onsubmit, :s

Cummings: How to control object swf/object play or pause

Lazewski: Use jquery or javascript

Celis: I find there is no play function on object element

Ihm: You might try ##javascript

Bellino: SimpleName: it depends on content you load into the object

Wiland: It has to expose javascript methods

Dolbin: Unlike video object is a generic container that can load anything from flash to a webpage

Folker: Ham, is there any example

Rauh: Hi again

Sholtis: The console.log isnt showing undefined

Haggin: Mayrant, hi, yea it isn’t getting those values.

Malinky: Well your lookups for the data elements are not correct. look to see what your data stuff is on.

Markrof: Mayrant, what you mean by ” look to see what your data stuff is on.”

Priestley: The data stuff is on an input

Ihm: Your looking for one data-* on the #accordion, but it doesn’t have any data elements

Malinky: That, selectors are non-existent for the data you are inquiring about

Malinky: Sorry, what I said is inaccurate

Malinky: The data element is not on the ids you are looking for

Calhoon: Mayrant, even if i put it out of it still nothing

Thomlinson: Https://

Jurich: Those console are outside the delegate still no log

Malinky: When you do $ your looking for a data-* on that element, not a nested element

Pistone: I see thanks AwkwardCough

Inga: Hi, what’s the most modern way of doing a JSON request to a relative url like “foo/json”? $.post ?

Nolton: Mayrant, but for console.log$’#accordion’.data’saved-card-id’; because the data-saved-card-id exist in multiple forms how do i pick the one which is attached to the clicked button on the form?

Ihm: In your form binding, ‘this’ is the form that is submitting. so you can do $this.find’elementWithTheDataField’.data

Ihm: Hendry: with ajax you can use whatever, $.get, $.post or the basic $.ajax

Malinky: Baako, you could do the find off of the common cl*** ‘addItemPo’

Percy: Mayrant, thank you again

Paaske: Can you set a function perimeter to be null by default?

Ihm: If you don’t p*** it in it will be undefined i believe

Goldberger: Is function perimeter a fancy word for scope?

Broglie: Ihm, for example function getInfoa, b, c{ }

Risk: So if i call the function and dont p*** in c

Salsbury: Will that break the code

Ihm: Depends on your logic

Ihm: You can do if c { . }

Ihm: And it would only execute if c is truthy

Gandy: C is an optional agrument

Ihm: So sure. everything should work so long as none of your logic is ***uming that c is defined

Solem: If I do something like $’#foo’.on’click’, ‘.bar’, function{}; then something like $’#foo’.on’click’, ‘.baz’, function{}; is that acceptable? I’m worried that I’m attaching two handlers of the same event, but with two different selectors

Goldberger: Sometimes you’re better off p***ing an options object instead

Ihm: AndrewSC: that’s fine

Ihm: So many andrews in this room.

Ihm: Kept tab completing to other usernames

Angiolillo: I’m trying to p*** a string in a url param that contains a period

Putnal: I have used encodeURIComponent and escape but both terminate the wring at the period

Bonomi: Is this by design or a bug?

Ihm: Show us what your trying?