Szychowski, the issue i am.

Goldberger: Like $.when.apply$,array iirc

Hosterman: Let me try that : cheers decx

Goldberger: There’s also an operator for that in es6

Goldberger: But it’s not in any IE

Ciliento: I will try the first example

Niang: Also the last demo from this link does not work on my PC

Goldberger: Hartung: yes you search the whole page for every single button and ***ign the event to all of them repeatedly, do the thing we tell you do do. delegation

Towsend: Hey guys, is there a reason why $ “.droppable” .not’.ui-selected’.droppable would work only the first time when i put it inside the selectable stop function?

Urlaub: It works, but it i re-highlight another set the .not is ignored

Szychowski: I’d have to see it break.

Holgerson: I dont know why droppable isnt working in this example, but my code resembles this

Mayers: I tried using $this.droppable’destroy’; in the start function, which works but it disables selectable from firing again for some reason

Szychowski: Https://

Szychowski: So this is what you have?

Szychowski: So how do I replciate the exact bug you’ve got.

Szychowski: I select some things and can drag ’em.

Szychowski: Then i select other things and can drag those.

Mattione: Hmmm im trying to replicate it with this fiddle, when selecting a “.droppable” it should disable droppable for that item

Reimer: Which it will do the first time, but if i reselect it will not disable droppable if it has .ui-selected

Szychowski: Isn’t that what you want?

Seahorn: Anytime .droppable also has .ui-selected it should not allow droppable to happen

Lemmings: Which will only work once for some reason, if I deselect and reselect, even if .droppable has .ui-selected it will allow it to be droppable

Szychowski: I guess i’m confused about what you’re expecting to happen. sorry!

Durkins: Its ok, I am making this really difficult! I will tinker around and try to get a better example for you

Szychowski: Why not explain what it is you’re actually trying to accomplish?

Szychowski: You keep saying “it’s doing x” but you’re not really explaining what it should be doing.

Matuszek: Hi guys if i want to add an onclick listner to the “back” button

Ravelo: Szychowski, but are cl***es

Szychowski: I don’t understand what that means.

Szychowski: You can select elements via cl***.

Szychowski: Do you not know how to select elements via cl***name?

Jantzen: In the jsfiddle you might have notice it is cl***=”order_btn hand pull_left”

Szychowski: You can select on those cl***es.

Vas: Szychowski, will it make sure that all those cl***es exist within the html cl*** tag?

Deorio: E.g. $’.order_btn hand pull_left’

Szychowski: So you have other pull_back elements you don’t want to select?

Cavicchi: So it makes that that it has cl***=”order_btn hand pull_left”

Szychowski: Why not target via the parent div?

Catus: Szychowski, what i am trying to do is look within the div id of paybox and looks for an element which has all this cl***es order_btn hand pull_left

Szychowski: So then use a multiple cl*** selector.

Szychowski: Does that make sense?

Szychowski: Notice how my example didn’t have a space?

Szychowski: Sure, though I’d scope that down further than do***ent.

Krajnovich: Or will it best to do $’#paybox’.on’click’, ‘.order_btn.hand.pull_left’, function

Bonne: Szychowski, the issue i am having with that is that because that listner is far ahead of the process that listener doesnt work