I am doing bad the things.

Szychowski: You mean the navigation on the left?

Walrod: Https://www.dropbox.com/s/liu66ddiavg7t0x/Screenshot%202016-05-16%2019.18.46.png?dl=0

Walrod: The “Loft Val Thorens” bit

Walrod: When you scroll down it also scrolls down with the page

Walrod: And when another headline appears If you can call it that they change

Szychowski: Then you detect where the viewport is and swap out the text.

Walrod: Szychowski yeah, I know how make it stick to the top, the problem is the interchange.

Szychowski: Scroll event listener.

Walrod: Hmm. But it dont think its based on viewport

Szychowski: Fwiw you can just inspect the page – that’ll give you clues as to what’s going on.

Walrod: But got a bit confused. : Thought of coming here, thought someone might have done such a thing 😮

Szychowski: It’s pretty trivial to do.

Szychowski: Scroll event listener, swap out the contents of a fixed position container based on how far down the page the user has scrolled.

Walrod: Thats the way to do it!

Szychowski: Why wouldn’t you agree with me before?

Hartung: Mmm not add a row on my table: http://jsfiddle.net/h4JXs/4223/

Szychowski: Also: you generally don’t need a do***ent ready call in a fiddle.

Szychowski: And this code isn’t doing what you think it is ;

Szychowski: You want $’#myTable tbody’.append

Szychowski: Also: it’s thead, not theader :

Hartung: Szychowski: http://jsfiddle.net/h4JXs/4234/

Szychowski: Open your console again.

Szychowski: You have a syntax error.

Hartung: But not undertand why:

Szychowski: You’re missing a closing paren.

Hartung: Uncaught SyntaxError: missing after argument list

Szychowski: Need to use double quotes around center

Hartung: Now: http://jsfiddle.net/h4JXs/4240/

Hartung: I want erase the row any row added

Szychowski: Okay. what have you tried?

Hartung: See please the fiddle

Goldberger: You should know about delegation by now

Szychowski: Do you see why that wouldn’t work?

Szychowski: Decx trying to lead them down taht path :

Goldberger: That would be appropriate fro a new name

Hartung: Out do***ent ready i try: $”.borrarRenglon”.on”click”, function {

Goldberger: But Hartung should know by now

Szychowski: Hartung you’ve asked almost this exact question a few times before.

Goldberger: You cant ***ign an event to something that doesnt exist

Szychowski: Read https://api.jquery.com/on/#direct-and-delegated-events and http://learn.jquery.com/events/event-delegation/

Hartung: Szychowski: delegated events are out do***ent ready right? and start: $ “#dataTable tbody tr” .on

Szychowski: You probably want them in do***ent ready.

Szychowski: And actually read the pages.

Szychowski: Don’t skip to the examples.

Goldberger: You should try and do event listeners in native

Szychowski: Because otherwise you’ll have no idea what’s going on.

Hartung: Ok, continue reading. thanks

Hocutt: Hi does anyone know how to use scrollTop with body and html being heigh : 100% Don’t think I have a choice I need that

Hollo: Greetings everyone. is it possible to p*** an array inside .when?

Hartung: Decx: http://jsfiddle.net/h4JXs/4250/

Goldberger: Don’t do that jak2000

Goldberger: Like no. de-le-ga-tion do you speak it

Goldberger: ToApolytoXaos: use apply

Hartung: I am doing bad the things?