Somebody who want to win 10.

Dejonge: Do they also work for cross site ajax calls ?

Kownacki: Guest1000000 those are ajax calls, so yes.

Jerone: Rogger_h that’s a bad idea imo – leads to difficult to understand code.

Cardinali: Rogger_h what’s the issue you’re trying to solve?

Meloche: I dont want to mess with my magento cart proccess. which have a complex ajax dom update code

Skulski: I want to be able to identify when the DOM layout is changed so i can run my own stuff

Emons: So its rather dom update or ajax calls

Mcwhirt: That sounds way hacky.

Geffrard: But thats what i need

Suares: That’s going ot make your problem worse fwiw.

Timbs: I dont think so really

Mugg: There is a way to know about dom update?

Burgert: There are, but browser support is funky and it can be really slow.

Bodway: I actually need specific element update

Burt: Plus you’re munging your frontend js. i’ll bet you magento is using jquery for the ajax calls.

Zeiler: Try registering a global listener and see if that works.

Carilli: Otherwise, i’d extend the core functionality.

Cedillos: But how do i listen to element update

Hillseth: I wouldn’t do that – try the jquery method first.

Krstic: Robertmaxrees otherwise, i’d extend the core functionality.

Holmlund: Extend magento – it supports plugins, right?

Mochel: Or patch it yourself.

Huesing: To mess with that pure js i will die soon

Ropp: What are you actually trying to do then?

Kanish: I have a custom gateway which need to show up if a certine payment method is choosen , the original magento one page have a button , when clicked it shows/redirect the payment form. my client want it to show as soon as the method choosen. the problem is when the other element edit, when the ajax refresh all elemts and disapear the form again

Lefurgy: So i need to fire it again.

Boyan: Sounds like you need to actuall integrate the gateway.

Pugsley: I did , but not in the front end

Vanzee: Which is TOTAL craziness which my client request

Willeto: Im not gonna do it the hard way . so looking for hacks

Glidden: It’s a payment module right?

Cuny: Like, that’s how you do that.

Sidoti: So actually support it. otheriwse you’re going to get calls when they patch their install that things are broken.

Harvick: Yes but the orignal one works, its specific request to change all logic

Gillom: And im not gonna do that for only that client

Derienzo: Then tell them why you can’t do the request? lol

Karmely: Messing with payment systems is a really bad idea.

Machin: Its just front end, eventually all validating on server side anywy

Huemmer: Still a bad idea. a quick google search will get you what you want if you really want to watch things update on the apge.

Dasgupta: But again, browser support is funky.

Tomlinson: Ok i will dig into that more

Gimenez: Wich is the equivalent of $var of php in jquery?

Kately: Jquery isn’t a language

Kemfort: What is $var ? that for an object?

Kie: Asas_: do you want arrays? To append to an array?

Luangxay: Rindolf 5 bucks says plain object – that looks like the “***ociative array” syntax for PHP iirc.

Tydeman: But it can also mean appeanding to the end of an array.

Okuhara: Asas_ you use .push to append things to an array,.

Zelek: Otherwise, just specify the key.

Plock: Var myObject = {}; = ‘some string’;

Jefcoat: Somebody who want to win 10 usd for help me with some issue I have?